Why We (Me Included) Need to Stick To JavaScript Programming Style Standards


I’ve listened multiple times to Douglas Crockford talk about the importance of following good programming style standards.  I try to normally, but this morning I got a little lazy with the following code:

    success: function() {Ext.Msg.alert("success")},
    failure: function(a,b,c) {…

I wrote this a while back and wanted to keep it short so I did not put the alert message on it’s own line.  Then, today I came along and decided to not have it execute the alert so I simply added a leading “//” giving me

    success: function() {//Ext.Msg.alert("success")},
    failure: function(a,b,c) {..

Well, of course it crashed my production deployment because I was again lazy and did not test.

Had I originally done it correctly as

    success: function() {

I would have not been bitten today.

Just sayin…

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  1. Peter Kellner says:

    Sadly, Sidney that is not quite accurate. I really did forget and I’m a stickler for them in general. normally I work with resharper in vs2012 and shows me when I forget which I appreciate. I wish it would not compile without them but that is probably asking too much.

  2. you didn’t forget a semicolon… you just decided not to use one

  3. Nuno Quintas says:

    Not at first. Only when you said on the next line that it crashed, e went back up a found it.

    Pretty easy to miss in a first glance, even easier when under stress.

    And this is the sort of stuff that makes me love IntelliSense.

  4. Peter Kellner says:

    hasn’t anyone noticed I forgot a semicolon?


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