Source For Article “Building a Windows 8 Touch app with WinRT,JavaScript,HTML5” (From Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog Article)

On todays Microsoft MVP Blog, my article titled “Building a Windows 8 Touch Application with WinRT, JavaScript and HTML5” was published.  Basically,  Basically the project that is built in the article is used to view Tracks at Silicon Valley Code Camp (actually, last years tracks currently).  Inadvertently, the source was left out of the article, though there is a reference in the top that says the source is included in the article.  So, to make things complete, the source is right here in this post. Simply download the zip file below, then with Visual Studio 2012, you can build and run the application.

Any questions, please post them and I will answer ASAP.

Visual Studio 2012 Project



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  1. M. Rajesh says:


    Can you share some insights on developing forms with WinJS and REST. I would like to populate some drop down list boxes in a form from web services or local database when the form loads. and to save the filled up data in multiple forms say 3 or 4. and finally to save all the data in the database on the submit button in the last form. And can push/pull be done from sqlite database in a WinJS application. The data should be pushed/pulled from a sql server through REST.

  2. Robert Rozas N says:

    Thanks a lot Peter….nice job 😉


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