Phone Race For $100 at Windows Store With MVP John from Columbia


The Contest

Post a picture to facebook with your phone faster than RichartT (with not twitter account) with his windows phone at the Microsoft Store.




The Players

John (not Juan) @jbocachica  from Columbia, Microsoft SqlServer MVP with his IPhone

RichartT from the Microsoft store with his Windows Phone.


The Event


So, here we go.  It seemed almost unfair to put up a Microsoft store guy up against a seasoned MVP from Columbia, but hec, it’s a Microsoft contest so why not.  If you watch the video carefully, you’ll see that it was basically a photo finish with the final judgement going to the house (I’m not exactly sure why).

Let me know who you think won in the comments.


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Peter is a software professional specializing in mobile and web technologies. He has also been a Microsoft MVP since 2007. In addition, he’s a multi-course video author at Pluralsight. To read more about Peter Kellner and his experience click here. For information about how Peter Kellner might be able to help you with your project click here.

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  1. Yes Elluis, this guy was pretty practiced. After I looked at the video again, he clearly won from my MVP friend (and smiled the entire time). I think with practice, there could be victory.

  2. I raced with them with my HTC Status while the video is playing but still the Windows phone guy won. I was behind by 2 seconds.


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