Take Defaults! (not customizations) When Installing Software


Some Background

Years ago, my friend Bill Venners of Artima told me a life long lesson that I always seem to forget.  He said that when people design installation programs, they always thoroughly test the “default” installation but not all the corner cases around custom options.

Today, while configuring my new MacBook (Best Windows 7 Computer Laptop they say), I learned this lesson all over again.  So, here is the story.


How To Split Your Hard MacBook Primary Drive 50/50, IOS Lion and Windows 7

My thinking is that I need to first allocate a NTFS partition on the MacBook that takes half my hard drive and let the OSX Lion install take over the rest.  After about 10 iterations of IOS complaining that it did not have enough resources, I finally decided to take a step backwards and ask myself “how would my mom be able to do this?” and we all know that Mac’s are designed for my mom.  So, with that thinking, I just let the IOS Lion install take over the entire disk.  Then I ran the Boot Camp Assistant.  It asked me how much of my hard drive I wanted for Windows, I said 50% and everything ran perfect.  No partition magic, no special setup, just take the defaults with bootcamp!

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  1. Your problem once again was caused by thinking like a PC guy. Just press the shiny button.


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