New Google Analytics Real Time Statistics Pretty Amazing!


I just noticed that in the beta of Google Analytics, you can now see real time statistics of what is going on for a web site.  As a numbers junky, this is totally awesome!  I just have to keep myself from spending all my time looking at this page.  Below is a screen shot of what I’m seeing right now for traffic on  just to summarize, here is what it is telling me:

    1. 7 people are browsing my site right now.
    2. They got there with searches including “androd samsung epic sprint connection error” among others
    3. The Map shows where in the world they are all connecting from
    4. 82% of these are new and 18% returning
    5. The site is averaging about 3 or 4 page views per minute (not requests)

The other cool new feature is click tracking.  That is, tracking how many people clicked “contact us” from any given post.   As a developer who has a service business and always looking for new customers, it’s important for me to know which pages provoke people into wanting to contact us for help with there projects.


That’s it for now!



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