WinRT in Windows 8 CLR Confusion

I’m here at the Microsoft BUILD conference in Anaheim and am very much enjoying all the announcements surrouding the next major release of Windows (at least a year or two out).  One of the big speculations that has drawn a lot of confusion over the past few months is whether .Net is going to part of the next generation of Windows.  It seems that Microsoft had been telegraphing quite a bit about how C++ will be the language of choice to program going into the Microsoft future.

Well, I’m sure that .Net is a part of Windows 8. I also now know that if you want to continue to write c# or vb code for the “new” part of Windows 8 (Metro) you can, however Microsoft has created a new API they are calling WinRT.   WinRT does have a full CLR and the languages c# and vb will be supported.  However, the API you call has changed.  Miguel has a great article that explains much of this here:

It’s a brave new world!  Much has changed, much is the same.



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  1. However, windows NT and its successors are designed for security and multi user PCs, but were not initially designed with Internet security in mind as much, since, when it was first developed in the early 1990s, Internet use was less prevalent. Thanks.


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