A Quick Tip On How To Ignore Time When Querying From SqlServer

Seems like this comes up a lot so I thought I’d blog about a clean way I found to do this from a StackOverflow article.  Basically, the problem is if you have a bunch of Sql records that have date and times in them (not 00:00:00 for time), using Microsoft’s SqlServer.  You may want to query all records that are on a certain date.  You can certainly for a query that looks like:


SELECT * FROM VolunteerJobs 
WHERE JobStartTime >='08-01-2008' AND
JobStartTime<='08-14-2008 23:59:59.996'

However, this feels a little awkward.  A better way that I plan on using is:


FROM VolunteerJob
(day, datediff(day, 0, JobStartTime), 0) =

Somehow, it just feels better.  HTH’s.

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  1. Michael Emerick says:

    Just my 2 cents…

    Out of the three, the first query is the quickest when properly indexed. Your proposed is the slowest and requires a table or index scan (which is usually terrible). Milligan’s is likely the best since there is a slight overhead for the scalar computation, but is the cleanest to read and program.

  2. or…
    select * from volunteerjob
    where cast(jobstarttime as date) = ’10/9/2010′

    (sql 2008+)


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