Nasty Problem With OCZ Vertex 3 SSD on Lenovo W520 Solved

Recently, I posted about the new SSD drive I have for my Lenovo W520 Core-I7 smokin’ fast notebook computer (OCZ Vertex 3)  Clearly I was in the honey moon period because everything seemed blazingly fast. However, reality set in and the computer started hanging, refusing to boot all the way, have pregnant pauses, etc.  I called OCZ tech support and they suggest reload a fresh version of windows (now that’s a big help!).  I then posted to the Lenovo forums asking for advice on anything special I need to do when reloading. Instead, I got what seems to be the answer to my problem from a user by the name of “Gan” from Norway.



I finally got home from a long week of travel, did a full backup of my computer just in case the registry hack failed, and applied the registry fix discussed in the article here:

I can say, after using the computer for a few hours, I have not had one hickup.  I’m hoping it stays that way.  For anyone else who thinks they have the same problem, here are some of the issues I was having:

  1. W520 would boot slowly and about 1 out of 5 times hang forever after reaching the logged in screan (wait cursor when hovering over startbar)
  2. Outlook would hang in the middle of typing messages, often for more than a minute
  3. Eventlog errors referring to location iaStor
  4. Visual Studio 2010 would get really slow and hang
  5. Many others

Here is what my current stats look like.  This is a newer version of CrystalDiskMark so it may not be comparable to the previous version I ran.


For the moment, I’m a happy camper.

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  1. BTW, I’m now running the ocz drive in my macbook pro 15 and it runs great there also.

  2. basically, all you have to do is install with the boot disk windows7 sp1. when I started having the issue, I was using windows 7 (before sp1 got released). Without sp1, there were no drivers that would boot. Now, simply install windows 7 sp1 (which installs from the native windows 7 sp1 boot disk) and then add the network drivers from the lenovo site. Then, download the lenovo toolbox and install everything else. works perfect.

  3. enkrypt3d says:

    Yes I too am interested in this please post a link Peter!

  4. Could you post or provide a link to those directions for how to reload a non-Lenovo win 7 please???

  5. Yes, working great! I sent it to OCZTechnologies and the actually got a Lenovo W520, thoroughly tested it with that and sent me directions for how to reload a non-Lenovo windows 7 from an original Windows 7 boot disk, which I did and has been running rock solid.

  6. Hey Peter,
    Now that’s its been almost a half year past your post of issues and solutions, how is the Vertex 3 running in the w520?

  7. I hate to say that i bought a faulty ocz ssd vertex plus 120gbytes ssd drive !
    Windows 7 64bit are damaged everytime i boot !
    And after a time i’ve got to the system restore screen.
    It has great data loss its ridiculous !
    My previous ssd was a ~40gbytes kingston and worked like a charm !!
    till now has no problems (i gave it to a friend of mine)

    I’m so ungry and desperate that i gave so much money to buy this CRAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. rohrabacher16 says:

    […] Important Update 5/13/2011:


  1. […] Important Update 5/13/2011: …/nasty-problem-with-ocz-vertex-3-ssd-on-lenovo-w520-solved/ […]


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