Always Wanting the Latest Fastest Lenovo ThinkPad. Info on W520 Follows

It seems that at the following location, you can see all the latest specs (no prices) on the upcoming Lenovo W520 ThinkPad.


It seems that some industrious mail order catalog’s have listed the prices (notable, one of my favorites, ProVantage) so that gives me something to compare.  I’m not sure I’ll get one right away, because they are pretty expensive and of course  want the top of the line, but we will see what happens when they are actually released.

So, Here are some interesting things I’ve gleaned so far.




4284-24U i7-2720QM 4GBx1 15.6" FHD 2000M 720p 500G 7200 Intel 6300 $2728.97
4284-4CU i7-2720QM 4GBx1 15.6" FHD 1000M 720p 500G 7200 Intel 6205 $2529.17


This implies upgrading the graphics card from a 1000M to a 2000M is about $200. (both have 1920×1080 screens, 6MB Cache and can handle 1600ghz memory, though Crucial does not sell it yet.  You can find more info on the graphics cards here:   Seems that the 1000M has a gizillion processors and the 2000M has 2 gazillion, but both have the same specs.  Go figure.


Mix Bag


4276-2PU i7-2620M 4GBx1 15.6" FHD 1000M 720p 500G 7200 (Dual Core)

i7-2720QM 4GBx1 15.6" FHD 1000M 720p 500G 7200 (Quad Core)


4276-2QU i7-2720QM 4GBx1 15.6" FHD 2000M 720p 500G 7200 Intel 6205 $1866.74
4276-23U i7-2920XM 4GBx4 15.6" FHD 2000M 720p 500G 7200 Intel 6205 $2809.17


Clearly, I don’t get the pattern in the pricing besides there is a huge range.  I need to get back to real work instead of this fantasy stuff.

See you.

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  2. I did get the 4276-39U for under 2K from Provantage. It has the 2800 series quad processor (second from top), the 1000 series graphics and the high res screen. So far, very happy. It screems. the powersupply is pretty big sadly. I am confused since the powermeter app that comes with it says it uses the same power as my w500 (~20watts) so why does it need a 170W power supply? It is the same 20V as the others, but has a special slot so you can’t use your old power adapters. Turns out, the mystery pricing is that the “top sellers” like I bought for under 2K are about the same as when you go buy the non top sellers from Lenovo site, but then lenovo discounts them 30% to make them the same price.

  3. Well, I ordered it. we will see.

  4. Apparently the 4276 series is about $800 cheaper but based on the detailed specs there appear to be little difference. They have the good graphics and the FHD panel and the same HDD.

    I would say mistake but both ProVantage and Cost Central have essentially the same prices. Compare the specs from the Lenovo pdf of the 4276-37U and the more expensive 4282 and 4284s and you have the same puter for about $800 less.

    Mistake? or hidden spec difference?



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