How To Setup Exchange with the Samsung Epic 4G / Android 2.2

Normally, setting up Microsoft Exchange Server with a mobile phone is pretty straight forward.  I just got the Samsung Epic 4G today (see my earlier post here:  ( ) and setting up Exchange was a little confusing. 

I use GoDaddy’s Exchange Servers (hence the, but the field Domain\Username through me for a loop.  After some experiment, I just tried putting my email in there and, to my surprise, it worked.  I don’t get why there is a leading backslash or the title Domain\Username but since my email is now working, I thought I’d share.



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  1. I work IT and this phone has been giving us fits. We kept getting the unable to connect to server until we replaced the domain\user name with the full email address then we got an error that it was the wron user name or password. At that point I changed it back to the domain\user name and I worked. Not sure why nothing else was changed the server wasnt havin any problems, but that fixed it.

  2. Comcast Business Class:
    Manual Setup
    Domain\Username – email address
    Password – password
    Server – log in to business class account
    On the right side of the screen under “Email” select “Configure Email”
    Under “Mail Access Type” locate “Exchange Web Services”
    Enter the value in the right hand column.
    I checked both SSL options and clicked on Next.
    Seems to be happy.

  3. I can get my emails but my calendar won’t sync. Any ideas?

  4. Carl, I’m having problems getting Bellsouth emails on the Epic. Please tell me what is the name of Yahoo app that was downloaded on your phone.

  5. Oh by the way this was so I can keep using my Bellsouth account. I was about to send my Samsung Epic back and cancel my sprint account. Brandon, Sprint owes you special thanks. Sprint needs to resolve these issues before leaving their customers to deal with these issues on their own.

  6. it’s all confusing. I spent over 9 hours on the phone with Sprint customer service techs and and finally went to a Sprint store. Noone could figure out the correct account settings but Brandon at the Mcdonough Ga Sprint store at 1816 Jonesborough rd location downloaded a yahoo app and now I can send and receive emails, send pics and videos.

  7. Thanks, that worked. You don’t need the / though and you have to make sure the exchange server is correct. It was calling mine it was really

  8. I changed the password on my microsoft exchange server email account, and now I have to change it on my epic 4g as well so I can get the emails on my epic. I can’t figure out where to go to do that. The email app only allows me to add accounts, and I can’t find anything in settings. Any guidance you could provide would be appreciated.

  9. Here there is an easy explanation for those who need the domain and user name:

  10. Hi All,
    I have purchased a New Samsung POP (S5570),while configuring microsoft exchange it says “update security settings to use account”.

    Please kindly suggest the solution if anyone has such kind of issue.

  11. Thanks so much. My companies IT department and I have been going nuts trying to figure this out.

  12. THANK YOU!!!! I could not figure this out – I tried every dumb combination of domain and user name – my hosting provider has this concept of simple user name and other garbage.

    Sort of embarrassed I didn’t think of this myself…

    Thanks again.

  13. Peter, I can’t even get in I have tried every combo. What server and domains did you use. also did you use email alias?

  14. I just got a Samsung Epic this weekend. I got an IT guy to come up and help set-up my exchange on here so that I entered the correct domain\username. My problem now is that it won’t load any emails. It says “update security settings to use account”. I updated some, but am not sure what else needs to be changed and the IT guy didn’t know either. Any ideas out there???

  15. I have a Sprint Samsung Epic 4 G that was updated to the 2.2 from a 2.1. I also have an exchange server for email. The problem I am having is when I receive an invite I can hit accept and it will populate my calendar, however, when I get a cancellation I am no longer given the remove feature so I have to delete it from my calendar manually, very frustrating. This used to work with the 2.1. Any ideas for a fix?

  16. Peter McAlpine says:

    By experimenting with many many log-ins, I finally “got in”. However, when I try to use the exchange email account, now I get the message “to use, update your security setting”! What does that mean?

  17. Peter McAlpine says:

    Has anyone connected to the Comcast Business Class Microsoft Exchange server with their Sprint Samsung Epic 4G. I’m having big problems!

  18. I, too, am stuck with this behavior of the Loading screen. I have tried several ways to enter my user name and domain password. In OWA, I can see the phone initial sync. I can also see the access state is blocked and the reason is the policy. When I setup my LS Optimus S a while back it too several tries also but finally pushed down the policy which forced me to use a digit security code rather than a pattern code. That was running Android 2.2 and the Epic is running 2.1 anyone think that is the root issue?
    The Exchange logs (below) tell me exactly the same thing; the security policy cannot be applied. There must be a setting somewhere on the phone which will allow access to the policy being pushed??

    Log Entry: 0

    RequestTime :
    02/18/2011 13:39:28

    ServerName :

    AssemblyVersion :

    Identifier :

    RequestHeader :
    POST /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/default.eas?Cmd=FolderSync&User=jwcs%5Cjperkins&DeviceId=droid1296147069214&DeviceType=Android HTTP/1.1
    Connection: keep-alive
    Content-Length: 13
    Content-Type: application/
    Authorization: ********
    User-Agent: Android/0.3
    X-MS-PolicyKey: 0
    MS-ASProtocolVersion: 12.0

    RequestBody :


    AccessState :

    AccessStateReason :

    ResponseHeader :
    HTTP/1.1 449 Retry after sending a PROVISION command
    MS-Server-ActiveSync: 14.1

    ResponseBody :
    [No XmlResponse]

    ResponseTime :
    02/18/2011 13:39:28

  19. I NEED HELP….

    I have a samsung epic 4g with sprint…

    I set up my emails from godaddy, all got set up but I am having a major delay, sometimes up to 24 hours later.

    I get them fine on my outlook, and my godaddy account on my pc, but my phone can be from hours to days later.

    I have my setting to check for updates every 30 minutes, and still nothing.

    I called sprint many times, and no help.

    Does anyone know if there is a special setting for this phone, or is it just a “POS phone.

    Any help would be great!!


  20. My issue is that I have not run into a problem with my Epic, until I migrated my mailbox yesterday. I went from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 and now I am continually loading; on multiple Epics. no issues with an Evo though.

    Someone told me to wait up to 16 hours, but after 12 nothing had changed.

  21. Luke Baranouskas says:

    Got it!
    Samsung Epic 4g, v2.2.1

    Corporate Sync did -not- work for me (i.e. Accounts & Sync>Add Account>Corporate>Email address & Password) even using the “\” instructions above.

    What did work for me was using the normal Email accounts setup (i.e. Choose “Email” application> Press -menu- and choose “Add Account”> Enter “Email address” & “Password”> Choose “Exchange Account”>Enter “Domain\Username” -used both domain\username no slash in front, “Password”, “Exchange Server.”

    Not sure why there is an option for Corporate option for email (perhaps google apps?) if so many people having issues with it. Anyway, just choose the normal email setup.

  22. thank you so much, i was getting so annoyed trying to get this setup! =)

  23. if you are using NTLMv2 as authentication mechanism on Exchange Servers, unable to exchange server. We had this problem at blackberry between BIS server and exchange

  24. John Church says:

    I’ve had similar problems to everybody where it wouldn’t connect to exchange, and it would just hang trying to connect. What I found was that if I was on my company’s network, it would work. However, from my home network, it would not connect UNLESS I turned on my phone’s VPN, and then it would. We have a lot of people at work who use various phones (android, bb, iphone, etc), and none of them have this problem

  25. My exchange requires a cirtificate installation , how to configure that

  26. Could you please list what the “with some modifications to the default policy” are? That would be extremely helpful.

  27. Your IT dept needs to make a new activesync policy for Android specifically with some modifications to the default policy. Activesync shouldn’t take more than 2-3 minutes to “see” something. If it’s taking several hours your activesync policy is trying to force rules that the Epic can not comply with.

    We get our first Epic device this week and bumped into the same issues as everyone else… I (I’m the Director of IT for my company) can now provision the device just as quickly as an activesync iphone.

  28. My Samsung EPIC 4G will not send out email through the corporate exchange server. I receive email, calendar invites and all incoming traffic, but I am not able to send outbound traffic. The phone connects fine to the exchange server for inbound, but no outbound traffic goes out. HELP!

  29. Hi bigp3rm,
    I’m not an android or sprint guy, just figured out 1 way it worked and thought I’d share. connecting to exchange servers always seems a little too hard when autodiscovery doesn’t work.

  30. Its pretty cut and dry…if you know your domain your good to go…but i dont expect anybody to know that…which is why you are all getting errors…its not a sprint issue at all…unless you work there…its not even a known “android issue”…looks like you IT guys just have some “splainin” to do…

  31. Mine has been going for 18 hours now… I’m going for 24, but I hope it won’t take that long. I’ve run the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer and only getting one warning,”Testing Http Authentication Methods for URL The test passed with some warnings encountered”, which souldn’t affect new phones to my understanding. The link for the Analyzer if anyone is interested is

    My exchange server is exchange 2003.

  32. Good news regarding the “Loading” issue. I too, experienced the Loading status for hours on my Epic lastnight and was very frustrated. I tried TouchDown with no luck so I just went to bed after a couple of hours and hoped it was actually “Loading” something. To my pleasant surprise, when I woke up this morning it was loaded :-)!! There was absolutely nothing that gave me a hope that it was actually doing anything. Contacts, Mail, Appointments… nothing appeared to be updating — but it all was!!

  33. This last entry seems to address the issue for pop and smtp, but not direct exchange access. I have a bunch of emails stuck in my outbox. can’t gt them out.

  34. after a few calls, I made it through with a solution that worked for all but two of my Go Daddy e-mails. Here it is: Your user name is your email: user@domain.whatever, then enter your password, then push “enter manually,” then select POP3, make sure your user name is your e-mail, change the POP3 setting to “” I also like to delete my e-mails from the server when I delete them from the phone (saves space on the server that you naturally forget). Click next. Here you will need to change the SMTP to “” You may need to call Go Daddy to see if your PORT number needs to be changed, mine did need to be changed. Good luck and I hope this brings you to my same result or better. Contact me if better because I still need to get the last two e-mails to work.

  35. it looks like you have to download touchdown to get access to exchange for the Epic for now.

  36. I am having same issue, with epic and evo. I want it fixed 🙁

  37. My Sprint contact told me that this happened when the EVO came out, it took some people a week or two before it worked and was corrected

  38. I am having the same problem as John. It says “loading” for hours. all other Droid phones here setup fine???

  39. The problem I am having is that the email keeps telling me that it’s loading. It just runs for hours without making any connection to my server, saying it’s “loading”. This is frustrating.

  40. Depends on server settings. I did have to use the Domain\Username format. Our emails are, while our domain is actually

  41. that is the same message I was getting (unable to open server). the syntax above fixed it for me.

  42. I’m still wrestling with setting up my email….keeps displaying ‘unable to open connection to server’ or ‘username or password not valid’. Don’t know what to do.


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