Is There A Need For End-To-End ExtJS to Microsoft Server (MVC-C#, LOB) 4 Day Class? (Poll Enclosed)

Over the past couple years, the focus of the web development I’ve been doing involves building highly flexible, highly scalable and straight forward web sites to implement and maintain Line of Business (LOB) applications.  As you can probably tell from my posts, I’m very “practical” focused, and at the same time have a desire to build awesome web applications.

The technology pairing I’ve chosen is Microsoft’s .Net platform with MVC on the server, and ExtJS on the client.  Though it’s possible to still use ExtJS with standard html/aspx pages, I’ve found the best combination is to use 100% JavaScript on the client (ExtJS) and have all the server side technology be 100% service based.  I’ve used LINQ2SQL extensively as well as Entity Framework in the latest Visual Studio 2010 release.

The learning curve was quite steep to actually be able to efficiently build highly flexible, highly scalable applications using these technologies, but now that I know it, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m considering putting together a series of 4 Day Classes around the country (or even world) that would basically teach people the methods and patterns I’ve learned and essentially leap frog a development team into being able to quickly do what it has taken me years to figure out.  I’ve been fortunate enough to know the top 1% instructors and I’m sure with the right incentive, can get them to join me in both putting together these classes as well as teaching them.

So, my question is:

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I really appreciate your feedback.  If I go down this path, it will be a lot of work and it would be nice to know if people are really interested.  I know for myself, I’ would have gone to something like this 2 years ago and it would have saved me a lot of time.

Thanks for your feedback.

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  1. Tom Patrick says:

    I would be interested in such a class as I am focusing on the exact same technologies. Although I think my first choice would be videoes, followed by book, followed by a class (just for the convenience). What if you worked through PluralSight or some other existing training company to make videos? I hope you make it happen. Thanks.

  2. Very superior post. I just stopped by by your website and needed to state that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your posts. Any approach, I’ll be subscribing to your RSS feed and also I hope you submit again soon!

  3. Peter – any updates on this? Do you have anything you can share with your MVC/Ext/LINQ/EF methodoology? We also use MVC and Ext and are heavily service based. But we have not been able to go 100% JS on the client and 100% service based on the server. I’m interested in what you have come up with through your years of practice.

  4. LOVE_MOSS_NOT says:

    I second this approach as it truly separates layers. I tend to have the hardest time enticing people to try this approach as for some reason or another Microsoft has done a pretty good job at convincing a good bunch that inheriting from WebControl is best practice

    Big sigh…

  5. So what’s going on? Will this ever happen or was just some wasted time pooling?

  6. Peter, of course there is a need for this! Obviously!!!

    In a World that is about to be dominated by Silverlight, people have the rights to know that there are better options.

    However, I see some walls that needs to be broken here..

    Developers most likely won’t pay for learning technology before they hired to use it. So until it’s not wide spread, somebody will need to convince corporate fathers who would be willing to pay at least for your expenses.

    Skipping embracing disclaimer that I have lousy marketing skills, I’d suggest real-time demonstration of the client (ExtJS) application being deployed to any (better 3 or 4 from different providers) of the cell phone devices. Better straight to server so the audience can download it next second for the test drive.

    Also, I want to ask you to clarify,

    1. what is your target audience?
    2. Why they want to hear about it?
    3. What are the time frames they can have this knowledge delivered if enough demand exists?
    4. Is is supposed to be some kind of secret seminars for people who are making millions next day and that’s why it cost so much or is it more like to cover expenses kind of price?

    On a side note, I have a feeling that videos will be stolen next day.

  7. In essence you are opting-out of SilverLight. Which I approve.
    HTML+CSS+AJAX+JavaScript are much easier to use and much more productive, to arrive to the same results as SilverLight solutions are. With the added benefit of being much more browser agnostic. OS agnostic, and device agnostic.

    Fair warning: Leave now or read further for geeky comment.

    And then I do not approve (like anybody is asking for my approval ;o) of ExtJS. Why? Because it is pulling/pushing, javascript into the Class based OO, v.s. the functional OO on which JavaScript is based. Consequently to that I use jQuery. And its UI library. And jQuery plugins.

    Regards: DBJ

  8. I would reach out to ExtJS to see if they would be willing to sponsor such a venue. I know some of the guys over there and they have the stuff together. I use MVC and extjs in my day to day and completely agree in the combination.

  9. Joksa – wondering if you think it would be worth paying for videos like this?

    Oliver – Tell me more! Have you been researching offering a class, or going to a class?

  10. Yes! That will be interesting. I have also been researching in that line – I’ve seen a lot and wish to see more – in a complete and focused (end-to-end) way.

  11. Please consider to make some videos with these lectures, so people out of US can see how its done.

  12. I vote for a Swedish venue!


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