How To View JSON in a Pretty Way

Cutting to the chase, I choose Vladimir Bodurov’s Color Formatter!

For the past year or so, I’ve been working on a project that uses Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC for providing data to our pure JavaScript application.  That is, there are no web forms, no dynamic HTML generation, just 100% JavaScript running on the client.  I’m using a library called ExtJS which gives us high quality “forms like” user interactions and MVC for getting the data.  That is, the Application looks like this:


The data retrieval URL used by the JavaScript look like:

And, the JSON that comes back using either FireBug or Fiddler looks like this:


Problem is that it’s hard to read the JSON data.  Firebug does a reasonable job of formatting, but it’s still not perfect.  Up until now, the way I always have formatted the data is to type into bing or Google “format json” and the first reasonable choice has been  Cutting and pasting my data into it shows:


However, my new favorite JSON Formatter  makes the data look like this:

( )

(more information at:

And, it’s available as simple html you can run on your own server here at codeplex:



IMHO, much cleaner, shows me the data both before and after, as well as colorizes it which always makes me happy.

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  1. Well this certainly works. Also I looked “under the bonet”. Very old-fashioned javascript, globals, no closure, etc. jQuery would certainly streamline a lot of code inside. As also will: ECMA Script 5 objects detection and usage if present. Of which most obvious omission is not using native JSON object, if available. Which in turn does much better JSON syntax check than simple: eval(“[” + json + “]”), currently “in there”… CSS also leaves much space for improvement.

    But certainly this works very well for a lot of people.

  2. Nice formatter… Color coding is excellent.


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