Awesome Scrum Developer Training coming to Silicon Valley Microsoft Campus

Several years ago, I was invited to a special showing of what was going to be the new SqlServer 2008 database in San Francisco.  I had expected a sales demo but was hugely surprised by the quality of the presenter and his deep understanding of issues facing real developers like us.  Over the years, I’ve gotten to know this presenter (Richard Hundhausen) and the other work he’s been involved in.

Richard has been developing a special training course for the Scrum development team.  He’s giving this course called “Scrum Developer Training” at the Microsoft Technology Center in just a few weeks (11/2-11/6).  If you have the opportunity, I can’t imagine a better thing to do to help improve you skills at being productive working in an engineering team.  You can register at the following URL:

You can read more about the course here:

I hope you can make it!


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