ExtJS Meetup Tonight in San Francisco, Sample URLs of Running Code Here

At tonight’s meet up, we will be having several short presentations on the new features in ExtJS version 3.0.  For my short presentation, I will be showing how to build a simple asp.net application that lets you Create, Update, Delete and Edit Membership data using the ASP.NET built in membership providers.  I will be leverage code from an MSDN article I wrote a while back here along with the URL to the meetup location.



My plan is to do a progression where I start with a trivial GridPanel, then work myself in 5 steps to a full working membership editor that looks like this:



If you want to to run the code I will be explaining tonight, here are some links:






If you want a more complete demonstration of ExtJS in general along with more details of the code, I’m presenting a full length version of this at he Bay.Net Meeting in Microsoft next Wednesday evening.  Here are the full details.  These events are both community events are free.


Hope to see you at one of the events!

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  1. Peter,

    Great presentation last night, thank you. My wheels have been turning and i’d like to dig deeper into EXTjs. I have downloaded EXTjs and would like to assemble the demo you gave on my local dev machine. Can you provide source for your Restful Service? Thanks again!

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