ToLambda Refactor From ReSharper is Just Too Cool!

Can hardly contain my excitement.  I was just cleaning up a business object to post in my MVC article and of course was using JetBrain’s Resharper 4.1.  Not sure if any of you remember, but when I started learning ASP.NET I developed some nice business objects to use with my MSDN articles.  One of the nice tricks used is using anonymous delegates to sort lists.  The code was a little tricky, but id did the job.  Here is the old code:

[DataObjectMethod(DataObjectMethodType.Select, true)]
    public List<BusinessObjectItem> GetMembers()
            new Comparison<BusinessObjectItem>(
                delegate(BusinessObjectItem lhs, BusinessObjectItem rhs)
                { return lhs.Name.CompareTo(rhs.Name); }));
        return listBusinessObject;

So, the first thing I did was to execute the ReSharper "cleanup" from the right mouse button as follows:


Then, when I hover over the "return" and press the right mouse button with the light bulb, I get this:


I say "Convert to Lambda" and I get this:



            new Comparison<BusinessObjectItem>(
                (lhs, rhs) => lhs.Name.CompareTo(rhs.Name)));
        return listBusinessObject;
Way to cool!  Just had to share.
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