3.67 Gig Available on XP Pro in VMWare Session!

This is just too exciting not to share with the world so here it is.  My base development system is a Quad Pentium with 8 Gig of ram running Vista-64 (recently update (with angst and worry I might add) from Vista-32).  I’m running VMWare Workstation 6.02 software.  So, just out of curiosity, I tried upping the amount of memory available to the VM to 4096 Megabytes.  I expected to see at most 3000 Megabytes, but to my surprise, 3.67 Megabytes shows up as available.

Just had to share.


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  1. Hi Peter,

    That’s even better news! I’d love to move up to Vista-64. Maybe I’ll give it a try…

  2. Peter Kellner says:

    Hi Kieth,

    Not many issues for me. some file manager crashing, but usually becaue of some non ms addon. otherwise, very stable. I’m event thinking of converting my notebook to vista64 to get all 4gig’s of ram out of it.

  3. Peter,

    That’s incredible news! But my big question is: are you encountering any issues running VS.Net on Vista – either Vista 32 or Vista 64? I just bought a new notebook from Dell with 4GB RAM and a Core-2 CPU but at the last minute I wimped out and had it configured with Win XP, mainly because other developers I knew told me they had experienced too many issues running VS.net on Vista.



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