One Last Gotcha for debugging Web Service Projects with Silverlight

Project / Properties / Startup Options

All of a sudden, I could no longer debug my project. After poking around for a while, I discovered that if I went to the webserver projects property tab, startup options I had to select "Silverlight Project". I don’t remember unchecking this, but none the less, there you go.

I’m of course referring to my article of a couple days ago at:

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  1. I think you’re using VS 2008, because in 2010 i have it checked by default

  2. I dont see a problem… it is an easy thing for me.

  3. ūüôā This little problem blocks your entire work.. Thanks for showing. Now we know what to do if we will have the same problem..

  4. Thanks for the tip, I was struggling with this for quite a while; I don’t think I turned this off either.. a bug perhaps??


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