Atlas Membership Management Upgrade (June CTP)

June CTP (Community Technical Preview)

Atlas is still in beta from Microsoft and because of this, code that worked in previous CTP versions of Atlas may not work with later CTP’s. This is exactly what happened with the version of the MSDN article built with the March CTP version of Atlas. The link below is to revised Atlas Membeship Management source.

Source No Longer Relevant

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  1. MembershipEditorAtlasJuneCTP

    It’s an Atlas Web app. Specifically, the message is “Assertion Failed: Unrecognized tag script:textChangedBehavior
    Break into debugger?” There is a javascript file for textChangedBehavior already in a scriptlibrary folder. My app is a customized ASP.NET Personal Starter Kit, and Kellner’s app is a tool to manage users in a browser, without having to resort to the Configuration Tool in Visual Studio. Kellner’s app runs normally by itself. It throws this error message when I add his files to my own starter kit. I’ve added the Atlas-related lines from his web.config file, his App_Code, his Microsoft.Web.Atlas.dll file, as well as the .js file TextChangedBehavior. Thank you for any suggestions you can think of.

    This is a known problem, and the simple solution is described below.

    Peter, I found the answer on And it works. Thank you for your interest.

    # re: An Atlas behavior to handle text changes
    Hi, Garbin & Peter Kellner:

    The problem Peter has is very easy to solve an has nothing to do with ATLAS.

    I have exactly the same problem and here is what you need to do to solve it:

    Just check that the ScriptLibrary Directory(The one that have TextChangedBehavior.js) and the aspx page are in the SAME Directory.

    It could be an “Admin” directory or the root directory of your Application.

    Hope this helps.

    Wednesday, July 19, 2006 7:20 PM by Jesus De La Cruz

  2. I want to add a rele management when list the I add some code as works,but it is very slowly.What’s the matter?
    foreach (MembershipUser mu in muc)
    if ((returnAllApprovedUsers == true && mu.IsApproved == true) ||
    (returnAllNotApprovedUsers == true && mu.IsApproved == false))
    if (rolename == null)
    MembershipUserWrapper md = new MembershipUserWrapper(mu);
    string[] rolearray = rolename.Split(‘|’);
    string rolestr = null;
    foreach (string i in rolearray)
    if (Roles.IsUserInRole(mu.UserName, i))
    MembershipUserWrapper md = new MembershipUserWrapper(mu);

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