ASP.NET 2.0 Member/Role Management with IIS

This article has been replaced with two newer ones on this blog. Also the source code has been replaced with a new version.

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  1. Very nice blog. You get my bookmark 🙂

  2. Administrator says:

    I understand what you are doing and also why you want to have ownership of the datatable with the users. I have never done it, but I’m sure you could find a dataprovider that would work with sqlexpress (which is who owns the file in the appdata directory).

    The solution I use is slightly different. I use the built in membership and I use the ProviderKey as a foreign key into my own user table and my separate use table has all kinds of extra information beyone the basic username,password,email.

    Sorry not to be much more help.

  3. I have the following situation to wich I am still looking for a solution.

    When creating a new website, through the ASP.Net Configuration tool I am able to create a local aspnetdb file to manage Membership, Roles, and Profiles. However, I would like to use the database I have in my account with the company that hosts my website.

    When I create a new MSSQL database with them to run ASP.Net 2.0 web app, it already comes exactly with all infrastructure if comparing to the aspnetdb.mdf created by the ASP.Net Configuration tool.

    Instead of using the one in the AppData folder, I want to use my database created by me and hosted with the web company.

    I have seen a bunch of implementation tutorials, but all of them telling us how to redefine the structure for custom providers. In this case in which my structure is exactly the same, would not be possible only to point to a different database? Also, I would not like to have my connection string for this purpose on the webconfig files, which can be easily seen.

    Your help is really appreciated!


    Eduardo Almeida.

  4. I wanted to add you to my RSS Reader, but your feed is invalid.

    Just thought I’d let you know.

  5. good work Peter!!

  6. Great article.

  7. most impressive!


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