CTO Advisor

Translating Truth from Hype

Truth be told, one of my superpowers is an internal BS meter. I’m able to translate techno-geek into integration strategies that drive business solutions. That’s why CTO’s tap into my experience with solution architecture and migration strategies. Having founded and built — from the ground up — a computer business that included custom software, sales, service, and training, I understand how legacy systems and new technologies fit together.

An Objective CTO Advisor

When CTOs want an objective evaluation, they call me to:

  • Weed through RFPs, user requirements, and system capabilities to determine what’s possible and what’s not
  • Translate business requirements into migration plans
  • Create clean specifications so teams have everything they need to achieve success

I have experience in:

  • Building the architecture for full stack engineering
  • Managing remote Engineering teams
  • Creating training that memorializes institutional knowledge and standard operating procedures
  • Authoring training courses covering JavaScript frameworks such as React and ExtJS, Microsoft web technologies, Node, SQL Server, Redis and others
  • Organizing technical communities for educational and networking growth


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