“As CEO of VisionCare, Inc., I contracted with Peter Kellner to replace our aging PIC-based computer system, so we could continue working into the Year 2000.   Our company depends on the computer system for millions of dollars in annual claims processing, broker payments, and physician payments as well as many other critical functions.  Peter and his team were great at communicating issues as they came up, resolving them, and, most importantly, delivering a properly working system on schedule.   We had a team of six QA people verify that everything converted perfectly, and the new programs worked exactly as specified.  I can’t say it is ever a pleasure to change computer systems, but it was a pleasure working with Peter and his team!”
— Howard Braverman, O.D., CEO, VCI


“Peter delivers complex product solutions on time and on budget. He achieves this through a well rounded, insightful business perspective coupled with impressive technical depth and breadth. Even when we were faced with the most difficult of challenges, Peter was a resourceful problem solver with far-reaching connections into Microsoft and many open source projects. I believe his most unique ability is to utilize technology to solve real customer problems, not just for technology’s sake. Peter will be a strong asset to any team.”
— Todd Berger, COO, Transportation Solutions Group


“It is a distinct pleasure to recommend Peter Kellner for his skills as a software architect and developer. I first worked with Peter during the spring and summer of 2007 on a project for a company I founded.

One of the first things I learned about Peter was to trust his judgment and his instincts. We were a small company and sometimes it’s hard even to know which battles to fight and Peter was a great help in this area. An example (which actually seems very quaint now since cloud services are so much more prevalent) was his insistence on using a hosted source control service instead of running our own server. It was the correct decision and saved us hours and hours of time and allowed the team to make quick progress.

Another thing I learned about him was his deep experience in software architecture and design, which showed up in our early discussions about the product we were trying to build. He consistently recommended technology and design solutions that allowed us to accomplish our goal of having a working product by Mobile Internet World 2007, which we showed at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston in November of that year.”
— Greg Bouwens, Software Consultant, Founder and CEO / Knovolo, Inc. (2005-2012)



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