Microsoft TechEd 2008 Orlando MVP Community Meeting Place

This year I had the opportunity to work in the Microsoft MVP Community meeting place (next to the wireless community center) as a game show host, computer runner of the questions, general answer person as well as just hanging out with the gang.  I have to admit it was very fun.  Turns out I was much better at running the computer than being the game show host, but after 4 days this, I realized I had not hosted one game.  Today (Friday) things changed.  Just before leaving for the airport  I got my chance.

Below are pictures taken by Terry showing my solo performance.  No one got any questions right.  We were forced into a tie breaker.  The first tie breaking question (what color was Spok’s blood) was answered incorrectly.  The second question, what color was George Washington’s white horse was fortunately answered correctly.  Otherwise, I might still be there.

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