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Peter Kellner and his experienced, professional team of IT experts can help you with:

  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Open Source Technologies
  • Design and architecture
  • Consulting
  • Problem solving
  • Implementation
  • Deployment scenarios

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Top 7 Reasons Peter Kellner is the right person to develop — or solve — your business IT problem:

Reason 1. Business Credibility – and Proven Business Sense

  • President of an IT startup from creation through the company’s acquisition by a very large — firm. As president, chief technology officer and one of the software developers he lead the company’s creation of a software product suite for small- and medium-sized medical offices.
  • More than 15 years IT business experience
  • Clear sense of budgets and best resource utilization
  • Knows that to do – and, perhaps more importantly, what not to do
  • Reality check – are you doing what you intended and is it working?
  • Successfully managed a range of projects, from small to very large

“As CEO of VisionCare, Inc., I contracted with Peter Kellner to replace our aging PIC-based computer system, so we could continue working into the Year 2000.   Our company depends on the computer system for millions of dollars in annual claims processing, broker payments, and physician payments as well as many other critical functions. Peter and his team were great at communicating issues as they came up, resolving them, and, most importantly, delivering a properly working system on schedule. We had a team of six QA people verify that everything converted perfectly, and the new programs worked exactly as specified. I can’t say it is ever a pleasure to change computer systems, but it was a pleasure working with Peter and his team!”

— Howard Braverman, O.D., CEO, VCI

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Reason 2. High Performance Computing

  • Experienced with large projects involving high performance database and web, lots of users, and web farms.
  • Worked Closely with Senior Architects at a Fortune 500 Company building a high performance membership provider that backed into LDAP Server supporting thousands of transactions per second. Worked closely with core library vendors to resolve security bugs in required security processing code
  • This 2 year project’s goal replaced the online processing of a $200 million annual revenue insurance company. This project involved both architecting a sophisticated three-tier application that managed all business processes of this insurance company, from adjudicating claims to billing groups as well as paying commission-based brokers and sales people. The project was delivered and signed off successfully and on schedule.
  • Led the development of a software suite for doctors which included an electronic billing component which aggregated insurance claims, securely sent them to a central location, and then distributed them to the appropriate online insurance carriers. The technologies involved native TCP/IP secure connections on windows 2000 clients and Unix servers running Oracle with substantial business logic on the servers.

“Peter delivers complex product solutions on time and on budget. He achieves this through a well rounded, insightful business perspective coupled with impressive technical depth and breadth. Even when we were faced with the most difficult of challenges, Peter was a resourceful problem solver with far-reaching connections into Microsoft and many open source projects. I believe his most unique ability is to utilize technology to solve real customer problems, not just for technology’s sake. Peter will be a strong asset to any team.”

— Todd Berger, COO, Transportation Solutions Group

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Reason 3. Application Prototypes for Start-Ups Seeking Venture Capital Funding

  • Developed a Yellow Pages mobile application prototype using Windows Mobile Technology combined with ASP.NET web services as well as a SMS for finding restaurants that used both ASP.NET for administration and heavily optimized SQL Server code for artificial intelligence processing.
  • Currently developing a prototype product involving social networking to be deployed on ASP.NET 4.0.

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Reason 4. Industry Recognition

  • Microsoft MVP Program
  • Code Camp founder. Silicon Valley Code Camp is currently the largest free developer event in the United States. It’s now an annual event that Peter Kellner started in 2006 with just an idea. Last year’s event had over 2,200 attendees and 209 technical sessions. Invited speaker at Bay.Net, BAADD and other Users Groups. Speaker at Professional Meetings including VSLive Orlando and VSLive Chicago.
  • —– ASPInsiders

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Reason 5. Technical Credibility — Experienced with Varied Technologies

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Reason 6. Solves Real Problems for Real People and Businesses

  • Worked with a mobile startup to put together a content management system that serves as the heart of the application in a short amount of time. 18 months later, the product is still in use a playing a critical role in the company.
  • Worked with Gannett to solve a very challenging network security problem that involved Novell fixing a hard to trace bug in complex network code.

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Reason 7. IT Community Activities – online and offline

  • A moderator for one of the biggest technical forums on the internet (
  • Code Camp organizer. Code Camp is the largest free developer event in the world. Peter began by actively participating in three Code camps in the Northwest, and then coordinates a new Code Camp in Silicon Valley ( He found the venue by building a relationship with the dean of a large community college, built the website from scratch, promoted the event, build the community around it, and 5 years later has continued to lead it. Last year’s attendance was over 1000 people with 145 sessions.
  • Recognized for both enlivening and engaging the Silicon Valley IT community. Leads the ExtJS Meetup Group which is the largest ExtJS meetup group in the country having already had about eight successful meetings.
  • Has published 4 MSDN papers covering topics such as writing secure code, building Custom Control, and Membership and Profile tool to more easily build enterprise web applications. These articles continue to be published by Microsoft year after year and are currently available in 13 languages.
  • Frequent speaker at Free Events including user group meetings and code camps.
  • Blogging – Peter Kellner’s blog is widely read for its technical content covering primary Microsoft Technologies from Database to Middleware to the Web. He also is frequently invited to post on other blog sites, including DotNetSlackers.
  • Often provides advice and problem-solving to the IT community.
  • Member of Foothill Community College’s Advisory Board, helping to pinpoint where the college’s technology investments should be made.

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