Rendering Speed on MacBook Pro with Adobe Premier PRO

The table below tracks the rendering time for different MacBook Pro’s I’ve been able to run tests with. For reference, I’ve got one desktop computer with an NVidia GTX970 listed also.

Computer Specs Encoding of first 10 minutes of Sample Video in Minutes*
MacBook Pro 15 (Latest 2016) Core i7 2.9Ghz/16GB Ram/Radeon Pro 460/4MB Ram 17.5 minutes
MacBook Pro 15 (Latest 2016) Core i7 2.7Ghz/16GB Ram/Radeon Pro 455/2MB Ram 18.5 minutes
MacBook Pro 15 (2015) Core i7 2.8Ghz/16GB Ram R9/370X/2MB 15 minutes
Desktop Computer Core i7-5820K 3.3Ghz 64GB Ram/NVidia GTX 970 3 minutes


*Sample video is encoding first 10 minutes of the video posted here on youtube.  It is composed of two 1080p video streams, a slide background and audio.


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