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Work Experience

2009 Cofounder and CTO Transportation Logistics Inc., Chicago, Il

Established a presence in Silicon Valley (Plug and Play Offices) and hired several engineers and contractors to deliver a sophisticated transportation logistics application. The final application is currently being used to optimize tens of thousands of shipments on a daily basis. The application is running on a web farm and is SqlServer based with 100% ExtJS JavaScript running on the client.

2008 VP Software Engineering, PSM, Palo Alto, Ca

Leader, mentor, and manager of a team of senior developers and QA (both offshore and locally) to deliver fast turnaround web- based consumer services. Following the Agile process for software releases, several products were built, deployed, and updated multiple times. Spent two weeks launching a team of eight engineers in Ukraine, focusing on bringing proprietary PSM technology to the group. Following that trip, successfully delivered 2 Agile sprints from the Ukraine team.

2001 – 2007 Abbreviated Project List

In 2007, contracted by Microsoft to deliver a “Web Initiative” project demonstrating Silverlight in a real world scenario. Worked with Leverage Software to build a compelling RIA (Rich Internet Application) that allowed for browsing of designer photos on the Dwell Community website.

In 2007, worked with Gannett Co. (publisher of USA Today, etc.) to develop Membership and Profile Providers to connect Asp.Net to LDAP data stores. Processing capabilities to included managing membership for an estimated 20 million users.

In 2006, Architected and built a Windows Mobile GPS application for use by the U.S. State Department. Functionality included displaying current location map data and the ability to find data using MGRS (Military Coordinates). A custom control that graphically shows current heading as well as desired heading was built. Integration with native WinCE was required.

In 2005, Worked with Varian to take over software engineering responsibility for the Microsoft Windows workstation that controls all aspects of radiation therapy. (Updates delivered in 6 languages). The primary engineer who had been doing this job became unavailable with no notice. Software responsibility included maintenance and updates with a major update shipping in April 2004. Replaced Serial Communication with TCP/IP using SOAP protocol. Last two months of contract was working for the service organization in Milpitas updating service software tools with C# and .Net.

1985 – 2000 President, Tufden, Inc. Campbell, CA

Major Milestones

October 2000 –Tufden, Inc., trademarks, proprietary software, claims business, and its many hundreds of customers’ software licenses and service contracts were purchased by Vision Service Plan (VSP), the largest eye care insurance company in the U.S. At the time of the acquisition, prominent customers included the current president, current past president and other board members of the American Optometric Association (AOA), which represents more than 32,000 doctors of optometry across the country, as well as numerous optometric practices in various states. Tufden provided turnkey office automation computer systems that allowed doctors to efficiently maintain billing and marketing relationships with their patients.

December 1999 –Received sign-off on delivery of a fully functional business processing system to Vision Care, Inc., the second largest eye care insurance company in the U.S. This system, primarily designed and architected by Peter Kellner, managed the primary business functions of VCI. These functions included claims management, group and broker management and sales commissions as well as provider and lab payments. The final product was a three-tier solution involving both thick and thin clients running against an Oracle 8i server.

January 1996 –Created a business-to-business exchange so eye care doctors could send third party insurance claims through Tufden to the appropriate carriers. The architecture of this exchanged allowed customers to aggregate claims to different carriers based on server-based rules. At the time of the acquisition in October of 2000, more than 15,000 claims per month were being routed through Tufden’s servers to the appropriate insurance carriers.

June 1993 –Received sign-off on delivery to University of Houston’s College of Optometry on an 18- month project to extend our core doctors office product to handle the special processing required to manage a university clinic scheduling environment. Primary design and architecture by Peter Kellner included the capability to manage complex relationships necessary to pair teaching professors and students, in a complex scheduling environment. This environment included up to 40 appointments at any given time in the clinic. The solution used a fast ISAM database including two-phase commit logic.

January 1986 – First company in the eye care industry to market a multi-user, Intel-based, practice management software to medical offices. The solution, designed and architected by Peter Kellner ran on 8 bit Z80 processors using ISAM files and included two phase commit logic which had minimal underlying OS support. This product was later migrated to SCO Unix on Intel as well as HPUX and Solaris. The product received the exclusive endorsement of both the Florida Optometric Association and the Kentucky Optometric Association.

1981– 1985 Research Engineer – Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. Sunnyvale, CA

Worked in a fast paced systems analysis group responsible for overall system performance. Developed an expertise using various graphic and database packages running on micro, mini, and mainframe computer systems including DEC VAX and IBM Mainframe technologies.



Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Masters of Mechanical Engineering
BS in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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