GitHub Visual Studio 2015 Extension, Getting Started

I’ve been using Git as my source control of choice for years now.  I’ve recently discovered the GitHub Visual Studio extension that takes some of the hassles away from this process.  Specifically, creating a new Git Repository from a Visual Studio 2015 project and publishing it to GitHub is always a small dance.  Now, it’s trivial and with this blog post, if I ever forget how (or you do), the simple steps and screen shots are here. Step 1 – Make sure you have the Visual Studio 2015 Git Extension installed.  To do that, simply go to Team/Manage Connections   and then verify the extension is installed (or install it)   Step 2 – Create a Visual Studio 2015 Project Just like any other project you would create with … Continue Reading

LINQ Support in Visual Studio 2015 Debugger Awesome

I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time.  I’m in the debugger of Visual Studio 2015 and I have some data structure that is a collection of objects.  To find what I want, I’ve had to either write ugly conditional debugging statements or put in some temporary c# if statements to stop on what I wanted and examine it. Now, I can just write the LINQ code in the watch window of Visual Studio and see exactly what I want.  Check out the screen shot below and notice that I just typed in: meetupResults.results.Select(a=>a.urlname).ToList() and I got exactly what I wanted. Very nice! … Continue Reading

Visual Studio 2015, First and Second Impressions

The new Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 is out and I have to say I’m hooked. I was previously hooked on Visual Studio 2012 even though I had a license for VS 2013. The reason was that on bigger projects I’d find that editing source files (C#) was just slow. The VS editor would be slow to keep up with my typing and I’d constantly be getting unexplained pauses while VS did some sort of internal management (who knows what and who cares). I’ve been using VS2015 now for a few weeks and I can 100% say that it is always faster than VS2012 (and of course VS2013).  I also like a lot of the features, one in particular which spurred me to make this post is it shows me (on the method name as shown below) when the file was last updated. It knows that … Continue Reading

Magic in Chrome JavaScript Debugger

I’m not sure if this option was always there, or it just got added but recently, while doing development I noticed that next to each line of JavaScript code the relevant variables in the line are being displayed and evaluated.  I’ve highlighted in yellow a couple of these values below.  You can see in the orangish brown text background below what chrome is showing. This means I have to to way less adding variables to watch, less copying to command line below or in a separate window. Bravo Chome Dev Tools!  This totally makes my day, week and maybe even month. Just feeling the need to give those guys a shout out. … Continue Reading


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