In Microsoft’s Visual Studio Editor Search Without Hurting Paste Buffer

I know this seems kind of trivial but I just accidentally discovered a feature in Visual Studio that probably all in all has cost me many many lost seconds of productivity.  I often find myself in visual studio with something in my paste buffer but want to search for something else in code. I know this sounds a little obtuse but if you know what I’m talking about and you don’t do it yourself, this will save you a bunch of time. I’m in  them middle of full speed prep for Silicon Valley Code Camp (which is what this program I am using for the example below is) as well as working on my next Sencha ExtJS 5 upgrade Plurasight video so I have my tools all cranked up. I thought I’d quickly share a video of what I’m talking about. Here you … Continue Reading

ExtJS 5 Bind ViewModel To Template

The simplest things can often be aggravating to get right.  I often find that when something does not work (especially in ExtJS 5 using View Model and Bind) that I need to make the simplest example to prove my understanding to myself.  I thought I would share a very simple yet powerful example of how to bind data from a ViewModel to an xtemplate in ExtJS 5. There are many other things you can do with databinding including modeling selected row in a grid as well as nice integration with formulas.  The below example is just a very simple case that proves it works which is often all I need. Notice that in the code below I’ve created a very simple viewport with just one item.  The two big takeaways are: The data must be … Continue Reading

Common Pattern in ASP.NET Razor For Clean cshtml Pages

I’ve been doing a lot of work over the past year in Microsoft’s ASP.NET Razor.  I’m not an html wizard and definitely a razor syntax wizard, but I have figured out a way that saves me time over and over.  It’s basically the same pattern of thinking that has me often do things in 2 or 3 steps instead of one just to make sure the logic is overly clear. In this case, I often find myself trying to create complex Razor syntax to output data.  That is, say I want to output a link that combines a static URL with a dynamic one coming from a model.  My first work is almost always trying to do it all at once and I’m guessing at least someone is going to tell me how I could have done.  That is, I want something like (in non-working … Continue Reading

Proving to Myself that in ExtJS 5 ViewModel data does move Functionally

I’ve been having issues that makes me think that ViewModel data in ExtJS 5 does not move through the prototypical inheritance chain so I put a small example to show my case.  Of course, my example works exactly as exptected.  I’m showing it here just for reference.  The output is simply what is below. The problem I've been having is with bindTo to get a model row.  From what I can tell, data moves exactly as expected but I'm not sure that store and formula model view stuff follow the same path.  I can drill down and see it in the prototype but it is not obvious like it is with data.  More research coming. Object {from2: "from2", from1: "from1"} Ext.application({ name: 'MyApp', launch: function () { … Continue Reading


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