Capturing SendGrid Events With ASP.NET WebAPI and Task async


  Problem I’ve been using SendGrid’s API WebHooks to capture email events (Version 1).  This version sends one event at a time which has always been a pretty bad idea.  When I first did the integration a year or so ago, the only way to capture multiple events at once was to consume some proprietary non-JSON like protocol.  I declined.  They finally have upgraded the API to send standard JSON records and are going to obsolete version 1 so I need to change.  Here goes… Send Grid Event Notification Configuration First, you need to go into Event Notification and change to (v3) of the config.  Then, I pressed the “Test Your Integration” button while running fiddler to grab the JSON SendGrid generates (see … Continue Reading

User Interface Standards And Why They Are Important (Not Just Computers)


Toyota Prius Versus Chevrolet Volt This morning, I stood hopelessly trying to get into our Prius by pushing the button on the door.  The car kept beeping but I could not get in.  The reason is because our new Volt has trained me recently that pushing the button opens the car.  Finally, after the fog cleared in my head I remembered that I had to touch the inside of the door handle to open the prius (something the Volt does not support). Anyhow, though the cars are manufactured by car companies thousands of miles apart separated by oceans, they still should subscribe to one set of standards.  Can you imagine what would happen if the brake and gas peddles were on different sides?  Just sayin… VOLT … Continue Reading

Hostgator Going The Extra Mile

While no hosting company is perfect, I’ve found Hostgator one of the best I’ve worked with for Linux type hosting.  I host this blog ( at Hostgator and have recently noticed the site has been kind of slow.  I emailed them to ask them to look into it and the email below was there response. As far as I’m concerned, this is way above and beyond what I should expect from a pretty low cost wordpress hoster.  They could have just said it’s slow but it’s your software and you need to figure it out but they did not.  Below was their response which I consider excellent! Hello there! Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the delay in our responses. Ticket queues are much longer than we'd like right now, … Continue Reading

Skipping Multiple var declarations in JavaScript, Bad?

I’m not sure what bugs me about writing code like the following in JavaScript var form = button.up('form').getForm(), formWindow = button.up('window'); I certainly see it all the time. Maybe I just need to get use to it. I always right my code like the following: var form = button.up('form').getForm(); var formWindow = button.up('window'); I understand wanting to save download bandwidth, but to me it just seems confusing to read. Am I the only one? … Continue Reading


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