Proving to Myself that in ExtJS 5 ViewModel data does move Functionally

I’ve been having issues that makes me think that ViewModel data in ExtJS 5 does not move through the prototypical inheritance chain so I put a small example to show my case.  Of course, my example works exactly as exptected.  I’m showing it here just for reference.  The output is simply what is below. The problem I've been having is with bindTo to get a model row.  From what I can tell, data moves exactly as expected but I'm not sure that store and formula model view stuff follow the same path.  I can drill down and see it in the prototype but it is not obvious like it is with data.  More research coming. Object {from2: "from2", from1: "from1"} Ext.application({ name: 'MyApp', launch: function () { … Continue Reading

Sencha ExtJS 5 Checkbox DataBinding


I often find that something does not work as I expect and I have to take the problem to bits.  In this case, I was expecting to post a bug to the Sencha team about DataBinding and checkbox field but as is often the case, making the simple example brings out the correct solution and understanding.  So, in light of sharing, here is my simple working example of two way databinding with Sencha’s ExtJS 5. You can see from the example and code that 1,true (and “on” not shown) all check the box as you would expect. Ext.application({ name: 'ProblemBindApp', launch: function () { Ext.create('Ext.container.Viewport', { autoShow: true, viewModel: { data: { … Continue Reading

Xamarin Meetup Tonight In San Mateo: New Features in Xamarin V3 and High Level Overview


Hope You Can Make it! … Continue Reading

With jQuery and ASP.NET MVC Almost Radio Buttons


The Silicon Valley Code Camp web site used jQuery to do a lot of the page markup manipulation.  Behind the scenes of course is ASP.NET MVC5 which has a lot of helper methods for things like Check Boxes and Radio Buttons.  General purpose methods are nice (until they are not).  I’m building a more sophisticated “Opt-Out” for the code camp site and have created a choice where the user can say they want “All Emails” or “Critical Emails”.  I did not want to have a third choice for “No Emails” since say they don’t want all and they don’t want critical implies they don’t want any.  Also, it does not make sense for the user to say they want both “All” and “Critical”. It’s a one or another, just like radio buttons. Since I could not use … Continue Reading


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