Angular and ngAnnotate, a Better Way


I recently posted to StackOverflow a question and example of how adding a dependency injection to my AngularJS app did not seem to matter regarding my program running correctly.  The answer I got back was clear, but somewhat disconcerting.  Basically, the answer is that Angular takes care of the problem for me in development but when I move to production with minification, it will fail.  Well, that sucks on so many levels. Here is an example of code that shows the problem. angular.module('svccApp', []); angular.module('svccApp'). factory('bareService', [ function() { var myValue = {}; myValue.str1 = 'xyz'; return myValue; } ]); angular.module('svccApp') .controller('MyController', … Continue Reading

Using Gulp to Build My JavaScript AngularJS App

Having spent the past few hours learning how Gulp works, and finally customizing it for my scenario, I feel the need to share.  As I was figuring it out, it seems that many have had my thought also.  So, for those not acquainted with Gulp, basically, it's  is a build system of sorts that works with Node.JS. It's got a huge community of tasks that you can use and pipeline together. Basically, here is what my gulpfile.js does: Compiles my SASS (scss) into both expanded and minified CSS Runs jshint on all my JavaScript Concatinates all my JavaScript together and makes both minified and non-minified versions of it Optimizes my images Copies my AngularJS web templates to a production directory Copies my JSON files to a … Continue Reading

My What’s New in ExtJS 5 Training Video Live!


My 3rd Pluralsight  Sencha training video is now live.  Basically I take you through the steps of building a straight forward conference session viewer application using most of the new features in ExtJS 5. The major new features in this upgrade from Sencha that are explained include Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) architecture, 2-way data binding, formulas, tablet support, Routing Translations, and significant new capabilities with models and stores. This is my third training video on Sencha's technology.  The first was Sencha Touch, the second ExtJS Fundamentals (which this course builds on) and of course this one on ExtJS 5.  If you have not programmed Sencha's ExtJS before, it is strongly advised that you watch the fundamentals video … Continue Reading

AngularJS, the Digest Loop, Directives and jQuery

I've been struggling with understanding when and how to use jQuery inside an AngularJS directive and have the data binding work as expected.  I've got a good example I put together that shows how to do this as well as shows when you need to use the scope.$apply().  As a developer who spends a lot of time working with Microsoft technology, it's become very clear to me that I need to know a lot about AngularJS. AngularJS is a technology that Microsoft (Visual Studio) is pushing as a defacto standard and I'm sure they will have a lot of offerings that either use Angular or are inspired by it. You can see from the below example that in the directive, I am using AngularJS.  Because our DOM is being modified outside of what AngularJS can see, … Continue Reading


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