Membership Management Newly Styled GridView

Mikhail Lukyanau has been kind enough to provide a redesigned version of the membership.aspx page. The source file for this can be downloaded at (Download New File). Below is a screen shot of this new look. Figure 1 - Updated Design for Membership.aspx By Mikhail Lukyanau   … Continue Reading

Using Membeship ObjectDataSource For Returning ProviderUserKey (ForeignKey Use)

I was recently asked how to use the Membership Data Object to return the unique ProviderKey generated by the Membership object. This may be necessary if want to associate the membership data with an existing table. That is, add a foreign key "ProviderUserKey" to another table so you can track an existing user to your current database without getting involved in extending the base provider. You can of course extend the existing provider to include other fields, but in general, you probably are better off maintaining your own tables rather than extending the provider model. Peter Dawson does an excellent job of explaining and showing how to extend the Membership Provider in his article Creating a Custom ASP.NET Provider. (published … Continue Reading

Published in MSDN!

MSDN has published both of the articles from this blog in their latest release of MSDN. The articles can be found at the following two URL's. Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Member/Role Management with IIS Part 1: Security and Configuration Overview (or Here at Part 2: Implementation (or Here at There is no source code with Part 1. The source code for Part 2 can be downloaded from the download section, or go directly to this file: Source Download Here (this source code replaces what was here before. It has many improvements and has been tested with the released VS2005) … Continue Reading

Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Member/Role Management with IISPart 2: Implementation

Also published on Microsoft's MSDN Network at Click Here for Source Code Associated With This Article Applies to: Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Microsoft Internet Information Services … Continue Reading


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