How to know if LINQ is working efficiently with SQL?


Recently, I recieved the following question on my blog regarding a post I made about using the aggregate function Count.  The question is as follows:  does the LINQ implementation send a full query or just a count query? That can be a big waste, especially if this is called often? One of the nice things about LINQ is you don't have to guess.  By simply turning the Log property to true of the DBContext, you can see what LINQ is actually sending to the database.  below is some simple code that shows how to do this. … Continue Reading

A TiVo Disk Space Viewer, It’s all about LINQ to XML!


Tivo Space Viewer Source Code VS2008 Project Complete Abstract Do you ever want to know exactly how much space each TV show on your TiVo is taking on your hard drive?  Do you ever wonder how much space is consumed by high definition programs verses standard definition programs?  For the answer, download the program associated with this article and you to can know those answers.  Below area  pictures of those graphs.  Chances are though, if you are reading my blog, you really want to know about Microsoft technology, and specifically, this article is all about parsing the webservice data that comes from your TiVo.  At the end of the article, there is a brief section on how to configure this program so if all … Continue Reading

Use Multiple Monitors? Checkout UltraMon from Realtime Soft.


I've been addicted to using multiple monitors for programming for many years now.  Recently (through other MVP blogs), I've noticed people talking about using UltraMon as a "must have" if you use multiple monitors. Frankly, I couldn't see how it could get much better, but after using it for just a couple days, I'm hooked!  There are lots of features to the product that I don't yet know about or have played with, but the ones I have used so far have been very nice.  I'll outline them here. First, it's really nice to be able use one picture to cover your complete desktop (in my case, three monitors).  While in New Zealand in 2003 on a bike vacation, I took this panorama picture.  I forget where it is, but … Continue Reading

Showing and Hiding Hidden Files in Visual Studio 2008


It seems I'm always forgetting how to show hidden files in the solution explorer of vs2008.  I know it's someplace in one of the menu's but I can't seem to find it.  For now, the way I turn on and off this feature is by clicking the button right above the Solution explorer as shown below.  For everyone's (including mine)  information, below are the two views of solution explorer.                 … Continue Reading


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