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Background For the past couple of years, I've been really impressed with how much content there is out there on the Internet in people's blogs.  To harvest all this content, you really need some kind of aggregating software to help you organize all this content.  For no real reason, the first aggregator I used was Bloglines.  It worked pretty well but I got tired of days when it was very slow, and other days where this cute plumber would be displayed telling me Bloglines was offline and I should come back later.  About 2 months ago, I switched to Google Reader.  So far, I'm a happy camper. … Continue Reading

C# In Depth by Jon Skeet Book Review

First off, I wasn't in the market to buy a c# book, but after seeing that Jon published one by Manning I couldn't stop myself.  Jon has been such a great and prolific poster on the internet forums that If felt at a minimum I should support him in his book effort, and Manning, always seems to bring us great books.  I have been totally happy with my decision.  It's a great book.  I don't know Jon personally, but after reading the introduction and premise, it's hard not to just really like this guy. So, on to the review... … Continue Reading

Using LINQ to Merge Mailing Lists and Filter Opt OutsBuilding the Code Camp Web Site (Article 5)

Article Series Article 1: Best Practices for Building an ASP.NET quality web site Article 2: Multi Level ASP.NET Menu with CSS Friendly Control Adapters Article 3: Creating a Theme For Each Year of Code Camp Using Skins in ASP.NET Article 4: Creating a Modal Login Window Using the Telerik Modal RadWindow Component Article 5: Using LINQ to Merge Mailing Lists and Filter Opt Outs Article 6: Multi Level ASP.NET Menu with CSS Friendly Control Adapters (The Source Code!) The Problem For the third year in a row, Silicon Valley's Code Camp is happening.  The way I've organized the data is that … Continue Reading

Refactoring With ReSharper, Some Very Nice C# fixes I often use

One of the really nice features I enjoy using in Resharper 4.0 is the refactoring that converts inefficient (and unpleasant to read) syntax into nice efficient code.  In this post, I'll show some refactorings that Resharper (from JetBrains) gives us.  There are lots more, but the ones listed below seem to come up the most in my own c# code. … Continue Reading


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