Using LINQ to Merge Mailing Lists and Filter Opt OutsBuilding the Code Camp Web Site (Article 5)

Article Series Article 1: Best Practices for Building an ASP.NET quality web site Article 2: Multi Level ASP.NET Menu with CSS Friendly Control Adapters Article 3: Creating a Theme For Each Year of Code Camp Using Skins in ASP.NET Article 4: Creating a Modal Login Window Using the Telerik Modal RadWindow Component Article 5: Using LINQ to Merge Mailing Lists and Filter Opt Outs Article 6: Multi Level ASP.NET Menu with CSS Friendly Control Adapters (The Source Code!) The Problem For the third year in a row, Silicon Valley's Code Camp is happening.  The way I've organized the data is that … Continue Reading

Refactoring With ReSharper, Some Very Nice C# fixes I often use

One of the really nice features I enjoy using in Resharper 4.0 is the refactoring that converts inefficient (and unpleasant to read) syntax into nice efficient code.  In this post, I'll show some refactorings that Resharper (from JetBrains) gives us.  There are lots more, but the ones listed below seem to come up the most in my own c# code. … Continue Reading

Building High Performance ASP.NET Web Applications Downloads

This past Wednesday, June 25th 2008, I did a presentation titled "Building High Performance ASP.NET Web Applications" to the Bay Area Association of Database Developers (BAADD).  Through out the presentation, I showed an application in Visual Studio 2008.  I'm including that project file here as well as the power point slides used in the demonstration. Download Solution - And the Power Point Presentation: Power Point Presentation Any Questions, feel free to contact me at … Continue Reading

Making the RSS Feed From the web site Discoverable


After adding the RSS feed to our Silicon Valley Code Camp Web site I noticed that the feed was not discoverable by Internet Explorer.  That is, the little RSS Icon on the toolbar was not finding it. … Continue Reading


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