3.67 Gig Available on XP Pro in VMWare Session!


This is just too exciting not to share with the world so here it is.  My base development system is a Quad Pentium with 8 Gig of ram running Vista-64 (recently update (with angst and worry I might add) from Vista-32).  I'm running VMWare Workstation 6.02 software.  So, just out of curiosity, I tried upping the amount of memory available to the VM to 4096 Megabytes.  I expected to see at most 3000 Megabytes, but to my surprise, 3.67 Megabytes shows up as available. … Continue Reading

Search In Vista, Email Preview Very Nice!


Yesterday, one of my friends who is still using XP asked me if there were any compelling reasons to switch to Vista.  Well, I've been using Vista for so long, it's hard to remember what I didn't have before. Today, while searching for email, it occurred to me this is one of those things (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong in the post comments).  I can say "Start / Search as follows: … Continue Reading

Really good Ajax using asp.net Book By Alessandro Gallo, ASP.NET AJAX in Action

I'm basically a back end database kind of guy, but over the past years have been doing more front end web stuff.  Asp.Net has been a huge help for me, and now with Visual Studio 2008 and the JavaScript debugging capabilities, I'm finding doing web stuff is just not so bad.  Many of you know I've written several MSDN articles and one of them was over a year ago on how to add Ajax to my Membership solution (back then it was called Atlas).  The article is still out there though now a little out dated.  In it, I extensively use Alessandro's code he posted on his blog.  My point here is Alessandro keeps up with this stuff, and as it turns out, he wrote an excellent book that's been helping me out. I enthusiastically … Continue Reading

Bookmarks in Visual Studio 2008 verses Visual Studio 2005

I noticed that when I set book marks in vs2008, it seemed to work when I set them, but when I cleared them, no joy!. Not being the smartest pencil in the jar, I did this over and over again thinking that my typing muscle memory was just failing me. Surely, something as simple as setting a bookmark could not have changed between versions! Next thing, control dot will not bring up the list of namespaces for an undefined function! (thankfully, that is not the case). So, after finally realizing my finger muscle memory was not failing me on every bookmark set, I went to the menu command to see. It turns out that setting a bookmark is now control-b T (for toggle) and clearing bookmarks is control-b C (for clear). I'm blogging this in the hopes I … Continue Reading


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