Convert Garmin 705 Navigator TCX Format using LINQ to XML and Data Objects – Article 1


Solution File For VisualStudio 2008 Several months ago, I bought a Garmin 705 Navigator for my bike.  As a gadget junkie, I always want to have the latest stuff.  For years, I've used Polar Heartrate monitors, but the idea of having maps on my handle bars was just to much to pass up.  Since the Garmin's output is an XML file I figure I have an obligation to unravel it, and what better tool to do this than Microsoft's LINQ to XML.  Many months ago I posted a similar article using LINQ to XML for showing the amount of space that was used on my TIVO by category.  This article is not quite an end to end solution like that one.  It's just a first step.  What we will show is the … Continue Reading

Assigning a Custom Label Value in a ASP.NET GridView Using ObjectDataSource


In my previous post, Assigning a DropDownList Value in a ASP.NET GridView Using ObjectDataSource, I discussed how to put a DropDownList value in a GridView.  As I explained, my motivation was to answer a common question that appears on often on the forums.  If you are wondering what my process is for deciding what to answer, there really is no process besides I see yet another question on the forum about this, and rather than answer it again, I write a post explaining it, then point my answer to the question at the post.  This is what I did yesterday and below is the response to this forum post. … Continue Reading

Assigning a DropDownList Value in a ASP.NET GridView Using ObjectDataSource


As a moderator in the forums, I often see the same or similar questions.  The answer to this question is pretty straight forward but not 100% obvious so I thought I'd do a post about in the hopes that with a couple key words, people will find the answer.  The title basically says it all.  We have a GridView that has a data column of type bool.  We want to display in the GridView Yes or No depending on whether the data value is true or false.  The example I'm showing does not help with making this an editable field (maybe a theme for another post if this one is popular) but simply shows yes or no. The solution involves first dropping a GridView and ObjectDataSource onto your design surface in Visual … Continue Reading

Untangle Partners with InstallFest Fro Schools at LinuxWorld San Francisco, Free Conference Day!


Untangle, a network software company in San Mateo California,  specializing in open source firewall software, has partnered with IDG World Expo to donate used laptops to schools in need.  In exchange, those that donate their computers will get a free conference day at LinuxWorld.  Below is a clipping from today's San Jose Mercury News Advertising this.  This is a great way for those of us with old laptops to trade them in for some free education.  You can read more about this at See you at Moscone Center!   … Continue Reading


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