Join me today at the Microsoft Hero’s Virtual Launch event

I'll be a host/moderator online between 6AM and 8AM today (thursday).  I'll be answering questions regarding visual studio 2008.  Please feel free to join in on the chat!  Here is the URL: If you are interested in the other products that are part of the launch, here are the other chat rooms. There are three chat rooms within the Virtual Launch Experience: … Continue Reading

Best Practices for Configuring ASP.NET ConnectionStrings and AppSettings in Web.Config


The Typical Way When you first create an project a file is usually created in your root web directory called web.config.  By default there are two (usually empty) sections in the file.  One for appSettings, and one for connectionStrings.  Below is a default project created with visual studio 2008 and a sample web.config file. … Continue Reading

How to Get the DataItem out of a ListView in Asp.Net 3.5 (compared to Repeater)


So, you are a Repeater wizard like me and now you want more.  Remember that in Repeater, the templates you can use are as follows: With the new ListView, you have lots more choices as follows: … Continue Reading

How to know if LINQ is working efficiently with SQL?


Recently, I recieved the following question on my blog regarding a post I made about using the aggregate function Count.  The question is as follows:  does the LINQ implementation send a full query or just a count query? That can be a big waste, especially if this is called often? One of the nice things about LINQ is you don't have to guess.  By simply turning the Log property to true of the DBContext, you can see what LINQ is actually sending to the database.  below is some simple code that shows how to do this. … Continue Reading


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