Building a Login Screen With Xamarin’s MonoTouch and XCode StoryBoard (Part 2)

  Part 1 The Video and Introduction Part 2 In Blog Format with words and screen shots (this)   In Part 1, the app described in this post is built and shown with a video.  Because XCode is hard to portray in words, sometimes seeing it is better.  This post is screen shot by screen shot. It will probably take you 10% of the time to read, but if you get stuck, take a look at the video in Part 1.   Building the App, Screen by Screen   Start out by making a brand new MonoTouch project.  File/New/Project/C#/MonoTouch/IPad StoryBoard/MasterDetai Then double click on the storyboard object in the project: Which will take you to XCode (Apple’s development environment for building IOS … Continue Reading


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