Xamarin Meetup Tonight In San Mateo: New Features in Xamarin V3 and High Level Overview

Hope You Can Make it! … Continue Reading

Building .Net Libraries For Both Xamarin’s MonoDevelop and Visual Studio 2012

I’ve recently been experimenting doing native development with Xamarin’s MonoTouch.  The idea is that I can leverage the C# code I’ve written for other projects as well as my knowledge of C# and the .Net framework to develop native IOS (IPhone and IPad) applications.  To begin, I need some core data access layers and have decided to use SqlLite and a standard access layer wrapping.  I plan on doing more posts on this, but for now, I thought I would post what I have found since it has taken me quite a while to figure out just the basics. So, in list format, here are my findings Create Class Library Projects Only (csproj) and always create the with Visual Studio (not MonoDevelop) Use .net 4.0 as base Using VMWare on … Continue Reading

Awesome First Xamarin Meetup in San Francisco Last Night

As the organizer of a new meetup, it’s always a little nerve racking when the first one happens.  One wonders weather you and two other people will come, it the other choice.  In this case, I’d say we were an overwhelming success!  about 15 new people came, two cofounders of Xamarin, the new developer evangelist and a bunch of enthusiastic developers.  http://www.meetup.com/Xamarin-Mobile-C-User-Group-Android-IPhone/   We started the meeting by going around and having everyone introduce themselves and give there level of experience using xamarin development tools on a scale of 1 to 5.  No one claimed higher than three, but having talked to many of the folks afterwards, it was clear there were many 5’s in … Continue Reading

Building a Login Screen With Xamarin’s MonoTouch and XCode StoryBoard (Part 2)

  Part 1 The Video and Introduction Part 2 In Blog Format with words and screen shots (this)   In Part 1, the app described in this post is built and shown with a video.  Because XCode is hard to portray in words, sometimes seeing it is better.  This post is screen shot by screen shot. It will probably take you 10% of the time to read, but if you get stuck, take a look at the video in Part 1.   Building the App, Screen by Screen   Start out by making a brand new MonoTouch project.  File/New/Project/C#/MonoTouch/IPad StoryBoard/MasterDetai Then double click on the storyboard object in the project: Which will take you to XCode (Apple’s development environment for building IOS … Continue Reading


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