Windows Phone 8, Supports Office365 Exchange Server? You Decide

(**Just heard back from my Microsoft Service Call Below that WP8 is supported with Office365) As a very happy office365 user (that is where I host my primary email), I was very disappointed when I could not save appointments I schedule on my calendar.  Knowing that I pay for enterprise level support, I posted a service request to the Microsoft Office365 web site describing my problem.  The answer I got back, after much discussion was that very clearly that Office365 does not support windows phone 8.  I’ve included that letter below if anyone questions my interpretation of what Microsoft support told me (Patrick’s spoken english was much better than his written english). Hello Mr. Kellner, My name is Patrick with Microsoft Online … Continue Reading

Error Assigning Office365.Com Email To Windows Phone 8

  Having just switched to a new Windows Phone 8 Device (the HTC8x) I immediately got stopped in my tracks adding my exchange based email to the phone.  The error I got is this: We can't add this account to your phone because you've already set it up on the maximum number of devices. You can try removing devices from your account on the web, or contact support for your account". Last tried 42 seconds ago. error code 86000c4c What does “contact support” mean?  Does it mean contact Verizon? contact HTC? contact Microsoft? If Microsoft, then does it mean Contact Windows Phone 8 Group, XBox Group? and on and on. A very unsatisfying error. After calling all those different places, I finally looked deeper … Continue Reading


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