Windows 7 Trick for Docking Application to Side of Screen

I think everyone but me knows this, but just in case, I thought I’d blog it. I’m currently sitting in the Sprint Developer Conference and don’t have my multi-monitor setup.  what I want to do is put visual studio on the left of my single screen, and the browser on the right.  After some experimenting and Googling, I figure out the following.  If you drag an open program (by holding down the mouse on the title bar) to the edge of the screen, then let go of the mouse when you get to the edge of the screen, that program maximizes in height and the width is half the screen and it is attached (docked) to the side of the page where your mouse pointer was when you let go.   … Continue Reading

Windows 7 SP1 Fails Install With Error Code 8024200D

It’s always disconcerting to have a windows update fail.  I in general think of these updates as things that happen in the background that I don’t need to worry about.  Last week, I got a vague error, which after you lookup, basically says “you hand an error”. So, I decided to give Microsoft Windows 7 support a try (which is a free service to genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Users).  I’d say things went well, though it might have been nice if the error sent me to the answer rather than a lengthy support process.   As It Happened   So, here is how things happened: … Continue Reading

In Windows 7, Make Your Current Window Grow to the Full Height, Leaving Width Alone

Did you know that in Windows 7, when you hover over the bottom edge of an application, you will get an arrow with both and up and a down on it.  If you double click on that arrow, the window will actually grow to fill the height of your screen!  I’ve found that you get the same arrow (but sideways) when you hover over the right or left edge of the screen, but when you double click it, nothing happens. Not sure if that’s by design or something funny with my Lenovo W520 laptop running in multi-monitor mode. If you click back on top of the current window, it goes back to it’s original size. Just had to share!   … Continue Reading

Nasty Problem With OCZ Vertex 3 SSD on Lenovo W520 Solved

Recently, I posted about the new SSD drive I have for my Lenovo W520 Core-I7 smokin’ fast notebook computer (OCZ Vertex 3)  Clearly I was in the honey moon period because everything seemed blazingly fast. However, reality set in and the computer started hanging, refusing to boot all the way, have pregnant pauses, etc.  I called OCZ tech support and they suggest reload a fresh version of windows (now that’s a big help!).  I then posted to the Lenovo forums asking for advice on anything special I need to do when reloading. Instead, I got what seems to be the answer to my problem from a user by the name of “Gan” from Norway. … Continue Reading


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