vaasnet, Awesome First Experience. Need a VM Now, for just 2 hours?

  I’ve known about vaasnet for quite a while.  Basically, vaasnet is a way to almost instantly (OK, it took about 4 seconds to come up) grab a fresh VM (currently 99 cents an hour), do a bunch of stuff and go away.  My bunch of stuff was I need to download a bittorrent file that was about 5 gig and I know if I do it from either home or over my hotspot, bad things will happen.  If I do it at home, Comcast will send me a letter accusing me of stealing something, and if I use my Verizon hotspot, well, it’s a 5 gig per month plan.  You do the math. Back to vaasnet.  Here is my experience today: 30 seconds to put my credit card it 4 seconds to boot a general purpose workstation 5 seconds to RDP into it … Continue Reading

SqlAzure and a Best Practices way to deal with the Required Retries on Connections

Introduction If you’ve started using SqlAzure for your SqlServer with your Azure application, you’ve probably discovered that you get a reasonable number of connection failures.  The advice from the Azure team is add retry logic to all your connections to SqlAzure. There is a long discussion posted by the Azure team here. The key paragraph states the problem as follows: The Problem One of the things that SQL Azure does to deliver high availability is it sometimes closes connections. SQL Azure does some pretty cool stuff under the covers to minimize the impact, but this is a key difference in SQL Azure development vs. SQL Server development. Basically, what this means is that you must be able to deal with connections … Continue Reading

Introduction To Using RIA Services In Silverlight (Article 1 of 7)

This series of video presentations goes through the process of building a Speaker and Sessions Viewer for Silicon Valley Code Camp’s data using Silverlight 4 and RIA Services (Using Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2).  It starts with a brief introduction of RIA Services and is followed by screen casts and blog posts the parallel each screen cast. The actual presentation was done at the Microsoft office in San Francisco. … Continue Reading

Bravo for ORCSWeb! On so many fronts

Many of you know of ORCSWeb either by reputation, or by way of Scott Forsyth, one of my ASP.NET MVP brothers.  In case you don’t, they are a managed hosting solutions company specializing in Microsoft technologies.  I’ve used their basic services for quite a while and have always been very happy.  It has always seemed that anytime I’ve called them (and it always seems like the middle of the night) one of their tech support staff is always available to help me, and go the extra mile if necessary. The company I’m now working at is small and we don’t have a lot of resources to maintain hardware and do operating system type support.  We do have a high load requirement so we need a very robust supported solution.  … Continue Reading


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