VS2012 Web Deploy, Using Transforms For Connection String In Production (Web.Config)

  Introduction I should have learned this a long time ago.  I certainly have known about it since VS2010 when it was introduced, I’ve read about it multiple times, I just thought I did not have the time to learn it so for the past couple years, I’ve been making one web.config change after another and of course making all the stupid little mistakes we all make (I think) when we do things manually. So, in 25 minutes this morning, I updated my http://siliconvalley-codecamp.com site with Web.Config transforms so now, when I “publish” with Visual Studio 2012 I just pick the correct profile (either beta4 or svccprod) and when I do the publish command, I get the correct database connection strings.  svcodecamptest for beta4 and … Continue Reading

Building a Simple Window Service Application in Visual Studio 2010 That Runs, Sleeps and Stops

Introduction The goal is to create a simple Service in Windows 7 (or other similar OS’s) with Visual Studio 2010 that simply starts, sleeps for 15 seconds, then stops.  I realize this is not that useful, but basically, it covers the case of building a service that actually does something and when finished stops.  In my personal case, my thread has a while(true) loop which keeps looking for new work and only completes when certain conditions are met (like a fatal error that is non recoverable). Microsoft has given us a pretty good set of docs and walk through.  You can find them all here:  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/y817hyb6.aspx   The Steps Create a new Visual Studio Project of type “Windows … Continue Reading

Microsoft ASP.NET presentations at Silicon Valley Code Camp on 10/8 and 10/9

  SV Code Camp is happening next weekend with well over 200 sessions.  The conference is really technology agnostic and try hard to keep it that way, but I am an ASP.NET guy these days so I think it reasonable I take my Code Camp Coordinator hat off for the moment and put on my ASP.NET hat.  As an ASP.NET Microsoft MVP, I feel I’m in a good position to give a tour of some sessions in ASP.NET and throw in my own 2 cents.  Below are a list of these sessions in no particular order.   Demystifying ASP.NET MVC, $(Lino).MVC{getknowledge()} Sunday, October 9th 9:45AM MVC (Model View Controller) is one of the hottest patterns around building web sites these days no matter what the technology. When Microsoft first … Continue Reading

With Visual Studio 2011, How To Add a Second Project To a Solution

  Say you have an existing Microsoft Windows Forms Application and you want to create a class library for it to reference.  For some reason, I’ve been stuck with this problem for a while now and I accidentally found the “unintuitive” button by accident of how to do this. My expectation was that when I created a new solution in Visual Studio 2010, that it would show 1 project in the solution and then to add more projects, I’d right mouse button on the solution and say “Add New Project”.  Sadly, the solution explorer does not show me my solution, just the one project I have in it, regardless of whether I opened it directly (for which I think it creates it’s own solution) or I opened from my newly minted solution file. That … Continue Reading


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