vaasnet, Awesome First Experience. Need a VM Now, for just 2 hours?

  I’ve known about vaasnet for quite a while.  Basically, vaasnet is a way to almost instantly (OK, it took about 4 seconds to come up) grab a fresh VM (currently 99 cents an hour), do a bunch of stuff and go away.  My bunch of stuff was I need to download a bittorrent file that was about 5 gig and I know if I do it from either home or over my hotspot, bad things will happen.  If I do it at home, Comcast will send me a letter accusing me of stealing something, and if I use my Verizon hotspot, well, it’s a 5 gig per month plan.  You do the math. Back to vaasnet.  Here is my experience today: 30 seconds to put my credit card it 4 seconds to boot a general purpose workstation 5 seconds to RDP into it … Continue Reading


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