In Microsoft’s Visual Studio Editor Search Without Hurting Paste Buffer

I know this seems kind of trivial but I just accidentally discovered a feature in Visual Studio that probably all in all has cost me many many lost seconds of productivity.  I often find myself in visual studio with something in my paste buffer but want to search for something else in code. I know this sounds a little obtuse but if you know what I’m talking about and you don’t do it yourself, this will save you a bunch of time. I’m in  them middle of full speed prep for Silicon Valley Code Camp (which is what this program I am using for the example below is) as well as working on my next Sencha ExtJS 5 upgrade Plurasight video so I have my tools all cranked up. I thought I’d quickly share a video of what I’m talking about. Here you … Continue Reading

Tuples In C#, A Useful Example

Background Last year I worked consulted with a company that had an engineer that used tuples in C# and tried to explain to me how they were useful.  To be honest, I never quite saw the value proposition (until today).  I remember he kept saying they were kind of like key value pairs but could go beyond that.  I remember those words but never internalized that. The Example My example is a simple one.  I’m currently working on providing data to an external application that will provide business intelligence (help with session selection) to the Silicon Valley Code Camp web site.  The data I’m providing is every mark of interest and plan to attend for every session ever given at code camp (that’s 220,000 … Continue Reading

Hunting For And Finding The IIS Express Settings File

Problem If you are like me, you use IIS Express for all your Visual Studio 2013 (or 2012) Web Development (ASP.NET).  It’s always a pain when you need to change the config because the config file is buried in some very far away non-intuitive directory. Solution Now, if you look in your tray icon holding IIS Express, you’ll see an option that says Config and points to the file you need.  If you click on the hyperlink, it opens the file! Now, you can do things like remove a problem website (see details below) and let Visual Studio recreate it for you. I’m not sure how long this has been here but I like it! <application path="/" applicationPool="Clr4IntegratedAppPool"> <virtualDirectory … Continue Reading

Running Visual Studio Web Form Pages By Dragging Them Out of Visual Studio

I just accidentally discovered that you can run a web page from visual studio by simply dragging the page out of the solution explorer and into a browser.  Who would have known?  I only discovered this because I did that action and thought it would drag the page onto my second monitor so I can edit it.  Another tip which I did know is that you can grab the folder tab of a source page in Visual Studio and drag it to your desktop (second monitor for example) and edit it while stilling seeing the original page. … Continue Reading


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