Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC Lite, Building a TextReformatter With JsonResult

  Introduction   People often ask me if I use MVC or WebForms for my Microsoft ASP.NET projects.  I always tell them MVC, but I don’t use it in the classic way that most others do.  That is to say, I emit no html from my views, and for that matter really don’t even use views (with the exception of one view which is essentially my entire app.   People often refer to this as a SPA or Single-Page-Application. What this basically means is that my entire view is built with JavaScript (in my case Sencha’s ExtJS) and the only interaction with the server is to simply bring down Json results. In this post, I’m going to build a simple app following this principle. It’s purpose will be to take a big pile of text, chop … Continue Reading

Test First Development Walk Through with Visual Studio 2011 Preview

Introduction Many of us know we should be using test first development, however it is hard to break old habits.  I have to admit, I started to solve this particular problem I’m going to use an an example first without test first, then realized what a pickle I was going to be in proving to myself it worked.  So, I thought, why not blog my experience as I do it.  Using Visual Studio unit testing makes this pretty easy.   The Problem I’m currently building a multithreaded email processor and part of that process is I have to figure out, for any given use whether they are supposed to have there email server checked.  So, the way I look at it, I need a method that takes in the following parameter. Now – … Continue Reading

Debugging in Visual Studio 2011 Preview / WinRT Metro JavaScript With Live Watch Variables Pinned to the background

Yes, this is JavaScript I’m debugging in Visual Studio 2011 Pre Release.  Just like c# and vb!  A picture is worth hundreds of words, so, here is the picture (and of course the words will follow).     About 1 year ago, I did a similar post explaining pinned variable with Visual Studio 2010 and the .net framework. I won’t go into all the details again, but suffice it to say, everything is the same, but now I’m debugging in JavaScript!  Up until now, I’ve felt like Firebug, Chrome and IE debuggers in JavaScript were the best way to go.  This really changes my mind. If you notice, the problem I’m solving is I’m … Continue Reading

With Windows 8 Metro HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript/WinRT, Read Any File From Project Directory

One of the standard things we programmers do is to read static files from our project directory.  That is, say you put a json file such as /data/stats_data.json at the root of your Visual Studio 2011 PreRelease Developer Edition project and you want to read it and convert it to a JavaScript object using WinRT (JSON.parse(..)).  This post explains how to do that using the Metro App Development Framework with JavaScript.   By way of background, this post was motivated by two threads I had with a great support helper on the MSDN forums named Jeff Sanders.  The links are here:  Thread 1  and Thread 2.   First, let’s look at the basic empty project by creating a Blank Application as … Continue Reading


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