Using GoToMeeting with Windows 7

I’ve been using Windows 7 now (Build 7000) for about 2 weeks and am very happy with it.  I still get some strange behavior now and again, but overall, it’s been very stable.  I much prefer it to either XP or Vista.  I do find some software I can’t easily get to work (which is no surprise), but if I really need it (like I do GoToMeeting), I usually figure out a way to make it work. So, for GoToMeeting, if you launch it from their web site ( and simply say “Create Meeting”, you will get an error saying IE8 is not supported.  I found that if I actually downloaded the GoToMeeting application from their web site, then move the application to my start bar and set the properties to be “Run As Vista” … Continue Reading

SSD (Solid State Drives) Seemed Too Good To Pass Up

Some Background I recently notice on Amazon a discussion thread of about 15 people saying how absolutely wonderful SSDs are and how the brought new life to their notebook computers.  Every one of them raved about the magic this brought into their lives. Well, after checking out the prices and performance, it seems that right now there are two classes of these drives.  It seems there is a first generation drive that performs in the area of 15/40Mbs/sec and ones that perform in the 100/170Mbs/sec.  To put this in perspective, when people refer to SATA/150 or SATA/300, the 150 and 300 are the Mbs/sec.  With Vista resource manager, you can actually see for yourself how man Mbs/sec you are actually getting.  Below is a … Continue Reading

Use Multiple Monitors? Checkout UltraMon from Realtime Soft.

I've been addicted to using multiple monitors for programming for many years now.  Recently (through other MVP blogs), I've noticed people talking about using UltraMon as a "must have" if you use multiple monitors. Frankly, I couldn't see how it could get much better, but after using it for just a couple days, I'm hooked!  There are lots of features to the product that I don't yet know about or have played with, but the ones I have used so far have been very nice.  I'll outline them here. First, it's really nice to be able use one picture to cover your complete desktop (in my case, three monitors).  While in New Zealand in 2003 on a bike vacation, I took this panorama picture.  I forget where it is, but … Continue Reading

3.67 Gig Available on XP Pro in VMWare Session!

This is just too exciting not to share with the world so here it is.  My base development system is a Quad Pentium with 8 Gig of ram running Vista-64 (recently update (with angst and worry I might add) from Vista-32).  I'm running VMWare Workstation 6.02 software.  So, just out of curiosity, I tried upping the amount of memory available to the VM to 4096 Megabytes.  I expected to see at most 3000 Megabytes, but to my surprise, 3.67 Megabytes shows up as available. … Continue Reading


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