3.67 Gig Available on XP Pro in VMWare Session!

This is just too exciting not to share with the world so here it is.  My base development system is a Quad Pentium with 8 Gig of ram running Vista-64 (recently update (with angst and worry I might add) from Vista-32).  I'm running VMWare Workstation 6.02 software.  So, just out of curiosity, I tried upping the amount of memory available to the VM to 4096 Megabytes.  I expected to see at most 3000 Megabytes, but to my surprise, 3.67 Megabytes shows up as available. … Continue Reading

My Vista Ultimate Upgrade Experience Series – Multiple Monitors and MaxVista

Series Theme After going to many Microsoft shows and meetings and seeing all the cool new features in Vista, I finally decide to take the plunge. This plunge started around December 15th, and with all new technologies, the transition has been bumpy for me. My friend Richard Hundhausen who blogs at http://blog.hundhausen.com/ suggested I blog my experience for everyone's benefit so here we go. Feedback Welcome All this Vista stuff is very new to me and I expect I'll get things wrong in my posts. Please please please post comments on these posts with corrections and suggestions. … Continue Reading


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