Awesome Visual Tool For Working With GIT or HG

When I switched my primary version control from SubVersion to GIT (actually, I switched to HG first but later moved to GIT when it seemed that is where most people I know went) I learned it using just the shell prompt (typing git status, etc.).  It gets really tricky really quickly and I would find myself spending lots of time looking at logs trying to figure out what to do. My friend Ward Bell mentioned he had found a tool that he thought stood out above the rest called SmartGit/HG from syntevo .  Ward, never having steered me wrong before (well, maybe once, but let’s not talk about that) gave me inspiration to try the tool.  I did, I love it, and for the past year or so it has just gotten better and better with every … Continue Reading

An Interesting Attack Vector On Silicon Valley Code Camp Web Site

I often look at the “Pages Not Indexed” report from web sites I manage and today I noticed a couple interesting ones.  People are going after where source control might be and looking for readme files.  Luckily, I’d never put source off of the root of a web site but I’m guessing people must or these attacks would not happen. Just thought I’d share in case someone actually does that.   … Continue Reading

I Love FinalBuilder from VSoft Technologies!

  For the past couple years, I’ve used a product called FinalBuilder from VSoft Technologies to automate my build processes.  Since I’ve been building web sites (about the past 5 years or so), one of the biggest hassles is maintaining them.  That is, updating the databases, deploying the web site, automating backups, etc.  I’ve used several products like FinalBuilder (including Cruise Control), and to be honest, none of them come close to the quality of FinalBuilder. Basically, the way the product works is that you create a “project” file using the FinalBuilder IDE.  That project file has “Actions” in it which do things like “ftp” files to servers, rename files, iterate over sql scripts, parse and update files, … Continue Reading


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