MVP Award From Microsoft for ASP.NET 2.0

I was surprised and happy to receive notification of being awarded the MVP for ASP.NET 2.0. During the past 18 months, I've spent a lot of time both learning the technology as well as being involved in the community that it supports. During that time, I've done lots of posting (both questions and answers) on the forums.  In addition, I'd spoken at 4 code camps including the one I organized in Northern California ( ).  I'm sure it didn't hurt that during this period I authored four MSDN articles. At any rate, I'm very happy and fortunate to receive this award and look forward to future opportunities to be even more involved in the exciting community around … Continue Reading

Have GridView Highlight Last Inserted Record in ASP.NET 2.0

Introduction A question that frequently comes up in the forums is how to have a gridview show the the last record added highlighted. This articles gives a technique for doing this. It only works with SqlServer but could could be modified for other databases. What It Looks Like Running After pressing the insert button on the screen shot below, the bottom line was actually added and it is automatically highlighted. This is in a nutshell, what the code listed below and this article discusses. … Continue Reading

Integrating PBWiki with .Net Using the New PBWiki API, The Start of a .Net API

Abstract In this article we will demonstrate a technique used to automatically add Wiki Pages to PBWiki using the not quite released API provided by the peanut butter guys. The demonstration will involve integrating scheduled presentations at our Silicon Valley Code Camp on October 7th and 8th each with its own Wiki Page. Without the API, creating and linking the presentation to a Wiki page would have to be an ugly manual process involving the dreaded cut and pasting of URL's. Background So, to begin with, I'm an enterprise database kind of guy and to be frank, Wiki's scare me a little. The idea of adhoc data being deposited by anyone onto a page with no real structures just makes me nervous. My smart friends tell me I should … Continue Reading

Rendering Images With IIS Verses an ASP.NET 2.0 Handler

Performance Comparison Recently, I've been wondering what the difference is between rendering an image using IIS's built in file handling capabilities, or using the with a custom handler. I decided to do a little test program to simply see the difference in clock time for processing such requests. The results of this test clearly show that IIS is faster. Sometimes a little, and sometimes a lot. I decided to test three size images, and run them each 10 times. Often, there is a start up lag time so the iterations should wash that out. The table below basically sums up the results pretty well. The resolution of my timer is not great so for small images (35KB), both IIS and the handler processed the image in under 15 milliseconds. … Continue Reading


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