How To Clear the Data From an Umbraco to Start From Scratch

In my previous post (, I detailed the steps to use WebPI to install a fresh version of Umbraco on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit system.  Now that I’ve done that, and played with it for a few hours, I’d like to start again with a fresh (no RunWay) set of data to play with. I posted on the Umbraco forums and got some tips, but I thought I’d document the process here because I’m sure I’m going to be doing this again and thought it best to have some notes I can go back to (and that might help others newbie's to Umbraco while I’m at it). … Continue Reading

Installing Umbraco To Windows 7 Ultimate – Step By Step

I’m planning on launching some small consumer software products in the next couple months and to support this effort, I need to have a CMS, Forums Software, Store Front (Credit Card Processing) and Wiki solutions up and running.  Since I’m a .Net guy, my first choice is to use Microsoft .Net technology, but if I don’t find anything there that suits me, off to the LAMP stack I go.  It’s important to me that all of these are tied together with a single sign-on.  It always irritates me when you go to a site and they make you first log in to the site, the create a separate login for forums.  I will avoid that experience for my customers and users.   My Research My research first started with Google/Bing type … Continue Reading


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