Silicon Valley Code Camp V6, 2011, is Just 4 Days Away!

  As the primary organizer for Silicon Valley Code Camp, I’m very excited to say things are really going well for this year.  Our attendance looks to be setting yet another record (we are just now passing the 2800 or so we had registered at the start of Code Camp last year and I expect at least 100 people a day to be signing up in the next few days).  We have not yet decided to cut off attendance.  We are taking that one day at a time (but watching the sign ups and plan to attends very closely).  I hate to even consider that but if we have to in order to keep the experience for the attendees great, we will.     We also just added (yesterday) the ability to capture tweets with #svcc in them and filter … Continue Reading

Just Created My Own Facebook Name and

Nice job from both twitter and facebook on how to make badges for your web sites.  Seems like there could be many other places this technology could be used.     … Continue Reading

Seeing All @Replies From Twitter

I've had a love/hate relationship with Twitter for the past many months.  I really like the idea, I've got a pretty good community I interact with, and for the most part it works.  The hate part is that it is down way to often.  I often see posts where people say "Why to we stick with this sucky service?".  OK, maybe they don't always use the sucky word.  At any rate, since this is my first Twitter post, I figure I should say that right away. … Continue Reading


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