With Visual Studio, Open Same File In Two Windows, Updates Reflected in Both

I’ve always been frustrated in Visual Studio (all versions I can remember including latest vs2012) with not being able to look at the top of a file and edit the bottom.  Recently, on an Microsoft insiders list I participate in, someone posted that exact feature as a suggestion for future versions of Visual Studio.  Before I had a chance to post back a “+1” some one else posted back that you’ve been able to do that for years in all the versions of Visual Studio he could remember. All you have to do is, with the version of the file you want to duplicate open (you are selected to that tab), press the menu choice “Window/New Window” and presto!  you have two copies.     Now, after pressing Window/New Window you … Continue Reading

Windows 7 Trick for Docking Application to Side of Screen

I think everyone but me knows this, but just in case, I thought I’d blog it. I’m currently sitting in the Sprint Developer Conference and don’t have my multi-monitor setup.  what I want to do is put visual studio on the left of my single screen, and the browser on the right.  After some experimenting and Googling, I figure out the following.  If you drag an open program (by holding down the mouse on the title bar) to the edge of the screen, then let go of the mouse when you get to the edge of the screen, that program maximizes in height and the width is half the screen and it is attached (docked) to the side of the page where your mouse pointer was when you let go.   … Continue Reading


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