How to Format HTML with Windows Live Writer


Ever since Microsoft released Windows Live Writer, posting articles to this blog (and others) has been really easy.  Even though this blog is powered by WordPress, Microsoft’s Live Writer let’s me author my blog posts, include pictures, format code and do all kinds of other tricks really easily.  One of the side benefits of using Live Writer is it gives you a very easy way to format HTML code. So, turns out, that when you are writing a post with Live Writer, at the bottom of the page there are three tabs, Edit, Preview and Source.     When you switch to source, you will see the raw html.  You can also modify the source there which is our trick for formatting the HTML. So, here are the steps:   1.  … Continue Reading

LINQPad is Totally Awesome at Testing and Writing LINQ Queries

image3.png - Use with Microsoft .Net for building Query type expressions with LINQ I'm not a wizard at writing LINQ expressions so I often find myself in Google looking for something similar to what I want, then I put it into my application and run it. This has worked pretty well, but it takes a couple iterations to get it right. It occured to me that someone probably has written a LINQ interpreter so I just guessed the name, LINQPad, typed it into search, and I find the authors of the book C# 3.0 in a nutshell, Joseph Albahari and Ben Albahari, (which I like a lot) have written it. … Continue Reading

ToLambda Refactor From ReSharper is Just Too Cool!


Can hardly contain my excitement.  I was just cleaning up a business object to post in my MVC article and of course was using JetBrain's Resharper 4.1.  Not sure if any of you remember, but when I started learning ASP.NET I developed some nice business objects to use with my MSDN articles.  One of the nice tricks used is using anonymous delegates to sort lists.  The code was a little tricky, but id did the job.  Here is the old code:   [DataObjectMethod(DataObjectMethodType.Select, true)] public List<BusinessObjectItem> GetMembers() { listBusinessObject.Sort( new Comparison<BusinessObjectItem>( delegate(BusinessObjectItem lhs, … Continue Reading

Using Google Reader Offline


Background For the past couple of years, I've been really impressed with how much content there is out there on the Internet in people's blogs.  To harvest all this content, you really need some kind of aggregating software to help you organize all this content.  For no real reason, the first aggregator I used was Bloglines.  It worked pretty well but I got tired of days when it was very slow, and other days where this cute plumber would be displayed telling me Bloglines was offline and I should come back later.  About 2 months ago, I switched to Google Reader.  So far, I'm a happy camper. … Continue Reading


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