Just the Exe’s for the Tivo Summaries Executables!

Several people have asked for the executable files for the tivo summaries program I wrote a few months back.  Here is a link to the original article and some gratuitous pictures of the results the program produces. Article on Developing TiVo graphs Here is the Download For the executable files. Put in their own directory. Tivo Executable Zip File … Continue Reading

A TiVo Disk Space Viewer, It’s all about LINQ to XML!

Tivo Space Viewer Source Code VS2008 Project Complete Abstract Do you ever want to know exactly how much space each TV show on your TiVo is taking on your hard drive?  Do you ever wonder how much space is consumed by high definition programs verses standard definition programs?  For the answer, download the program associated with this article and you to can know those answers.  Below area  pictures of those graphs.  Chances are though, if you are reading my blog, you really want to know about Microsoft technology, and specifically, this article is all about parsing the webservice data that comes from your TiVo.  At the end of the article, there is a brief section on how to configure this program so if all … Continue Reading


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