How to Format HTML with Windows Live Writer

Ever since Microsoft released Windows Live Writer, posting articles to this blog (and others) has been really easy.  Even though this blog is powered by WordPress, Microsoft’s Live Writer let’s me author my blog posts, include pictures, format code and do all kinds of other tricks really easily.  One of the side benefits of using Live Writer is it gives you a very easy way to format HTML code. So, turns out, that when you are writing a post with Live Writer, at the bottom of the page there are three tabs, Edit, Preview and Source.     When you switch to source, you will see the raw html.  You can also modify the source there which is our trick for formatting the HTML. So, here are the steps:   1.  … Continue Reading

In Windows 7, Make Your Current Window Grow to the Full Height, Leaving Width Alone

Did you know that in Windows 7, when you hover over the bottom edge of an application, you will get an arrow with both and up and a down on it.  If you double click on that arrow, the window will actually grow to fill the height of your screen!  I’ve found that you get the same arrow (but sideways) when you hover over the right or left edge of the screen, but when you double click it, nothing happens. Not sure if that’s by design or something funny with my Lenovo W520 laptop running in multi-monitor mode. If you click back on top of the current window, it goes back to it’s original size. Just had to share!   … Continue Reading

Using Visual Studio 2010’s Debugger PIN Feature

One of the very cool new features in Visual Studio 2010 is the ability to “Pin” a variable you are watching, right in the place you want to see it.  It’s always been a hassle to have to add a “Watch” and keep track of it among all your other watch variables.  I guess I shouldn’t really complain because I’ve always really like the debug capabilities in Visual Studio, but I have to say, this new “Pin” is really nice. … Continue Reading


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