Why I Love the Community and How It Helps Me

Some History For much of my career, I’ve worked at home as a team of one.  Many years ago, I learned that it takes a community.  I’ve always felt one of my strengths is to both reach out when I need help, and offer help when it’s needed.  In about 2005, I started doing a lot of work with the .Net stack and discovered the forums https://forums.asp.net/. As I was learning ASP.NET, I found myself asking a lot of questions in that forum.  The group was unbelievably helpful and supportive.  Having done a lot of Unix work previously, I’d had a lot of reprimands for incorrect questions so it was very uplifting for me. As I became more proficient in the .Net stack I started answering questions also.  My personal goal was to answer one question … Continue Reading

StackOverflow and Lack of Transparency

  Job Well Done I have to admire StackOverflow in many ways.  The creators have done an awesome job of building a community where people can come and help each other in a safe place.  Of the many things StackOverflow has done well is to make it’s site index very well with search engines which means people like me often find answers to questions there when searching the web.   Why Participate? Over the years, I’ve participated quite a bit in many different forums and almost always, that participation has started based on a feeling of “wanting to give back” after finding so many useful answers.  I’d like to say it’s because I just feel the need to help others, but like most of us, I’m swamped busy it seems all … Continue Reading

stackoverflow Really annoyed me this morning!

For the past month or so, I’ve been more involved at stackoverflow than I have ever been.  I’ve accumulated 317 points (not much, but enough to be part of the community) and until this morning, I had forgotten what I don’t like about this community site. Specifically, I asked a very straight forward question which I feel I asked both respectfully and appropriately.  I created a very succinct title and tagged it in a very reasonable way.  I’m definitely not a JavaScript/IPad wizard, but I do know how to effectively work with community forums. My Question:  “Heuristically figuring out whether I'm running IPad1 or IPad2” Let me go through the responses 1 by 1 and I think you will see how this really annoyed me. nnnnn … Continue Reading


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